Book Review : ' The Kitchen Road ' Essay

Book Review : ' The Kitchen Road ' Essay

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More stumbling led them as close to the house without being seen before they had to stop and register the surroundings. “Guards out. We have to take the kitchen route.” Greg said, leaning away from Noah and against a barrel. Noah stepped out surveying the premises. At the sight of the guards, Greg perked up, straighten up against the wall.
“No. Kitchen will be deserted for another hour.” Noah responded, shaking his head.
“Means it 's the perfect time to go.”
“Greg your mother goes to the kitchen before they get started for the day. She likes her fruit. We have to take the servers wing.” Noah rationalized out loud, figuring the best way in.
Greg shook his head, “no, no, no, won 't work. Nola is supervising this week. She 'll have my head.”
“Nola? Are you serious? Did you not just tell me the maids were off limits?”
Greg slouched down, his head hanging before perking back up. “Well they normally are but Nola, she 's different, she 's...” he tried to think of something, Greg normally did try.
“No, just don 't Greg.”
“Noah, I am serious Nola is fire. She really gets me.”
“Yeah I bet she does. Maids off limits.”
“Nola doesn 't call herself a maid, she 's a hospitality worker.”
Noah, just started to laugh, Greg of course would be all technical at this time. Yes, hospitality worker was their legit title considering they were so much more than house cleaners. Nola was of a higher learning collaboration, so he found it quite interesting when she came to work there, but now the whole thing made sense.
“So let me guess, you dumped her? Didn 't call her after?”
“No, nothing like that. In fact, we haven 't done anything which is why she 's not happy with me. She keeps trying to and well maids...

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...oor this time with his white lab coat hanging over his shoulders, the micro-chipped ID card hanging off his heck.
“Didn 't mean to disturb you doc,” Noah replied.
Waving his hands around as if it were nothing. “Don 't sleep. You keep me from being bored.” He took a look over at Noah, this time is eyes adjusting to the face that barely resembled a face anymore.
“You look like...”
Noah cut him off, “just don 't, doc. Seriously, I 've heard it a few times, already tonight.”
“I bet you have. Out with Greg again?” He asked as he opened one of the medical rooms. He didn 't wait for an answer as the doctor went about mumbling to himself of all the things he needs to get out.
Noah let him go, no point in interrupting him.
Suddenly the doctor turned to him, a surprised look crossed his face as he tried to figure out exactly what he was doing there.

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