Book Review on "Who moved my Cheese?" by Spencer Johnson Essay

Book Review on "Who moved my Cheese?" by Spencer Johnson Essay

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The Plot:
The book starts with "A Gathering" which is a discussion among group of people who are former classmates. They come to meet at a reunion and they start discussing about their problems when they start to talk about the changes in their lives. Then one of them narrates the cheese story of two mice and two little people.
The story has four characters. Two of them were mice named Sniff and Scurvy and other two were little people named Haw and Hem. All of them used to go into a maze daily in search of cheese which they liked. They used to run through the maze which has many corridors and doors and also some dangerous dark places. One day, little people Hem and Haw find their cheese in a cheese station C which makes them happier. They feel so happy and think that this is going to last forever and they eventually start shifting their home closer to the cheese station C. On the other hand, two mice Sniff and Scurvy were continuously monitoring what is happening to the cheese in the station and finds that it is getting smaller each day. This makes them aware that one day it is going to be empty and they have to go out and find cheese again in the maze.
As days pass, one day the two mice Sniff and Scurvy notice that the cheese was gone. But they were not surprised as they were aware of the situation and so they moved on in search of cheese into the maze. But when the two little people arrive at the station, they were taken by surprise that the cheese had gone. They couldn't believe that and so Hem yells, "Who moved my cheese? It's not fair!" They think that the cheese will be put back and start coming to the station daily but only in vain. When Haw suggests Hem that they should move on, Hem tells him o...

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...t in future they cannot survive.
But we cannot just hope for a change to come and leave the present. We have to simultaneously do the analysis of changes in situations, getting ready to Change for the future and also managing the present without any problems. Then only we will can achieve great in life..
Why others should read this book?
When I read the book, I came to know some of my misconceptions about change. I knew that I am afraid of some changes which I didn’t like to happen because I am not sure of the outcome. This will be the case with most of the people. It is not that they don’t know about these basic things. But after reading this, they may take a leap over their fears and move forward accepting the change. If we ever want to change we should remember that “It is better Late than Never!!!”
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