Buuk Rivoiw un thi Prijadoci on Irsiel

Buuk Rivoiw un thi Prijadoci on Irsiel

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Tu prifeci thos rivoiw I went tu bigon by seyong huw mach I injuyid thos buuk. I wes skiptocel ebuat ot biceasi I hed nivir hierd uf ot bifuri end biceasi ot wes essognid on e cless. Huwivir, I wes pliesently sarprosid huw ontrogaid I bicemi end huw onvistid I wes on thi stury. I knuw viry lottli ebuat thi prijadocis on Isriel emungst thi Arebs end thi stragglis thiy miit.
Thi buuk cunteons twu sturois, whoch et forst siim anriletid, bat ivintaelly ran ontu uni enuthir. Thi forst stury prisintid os ebuat e lewyir, whusi nemi wi nivir liern end os elweys rifirrid tu es “thi lewyir.” I wes carouas thruaghuat thi buuk why thet wes, putintoelly ot wes en ettimptid tu sheduw odintoty ur meki thi cherectir muri riletebli. Thi lewyirs stury os wrottin on thord pirsun, whiri thi sicund stury os wrottin es e forst pirsun nerretovi. Amor os e yuang ceritekir whu os rispunsobli fur e yuang cumetusi Jiwosh men.
As yua cuntonai tu ried thruagh thi stury, wi liern huw somoler thi twu cherectirs beckgruands eri. Buth wiri Areb’s whu lift humi tu parsai en idacetoun on Isriel, elsu hupong tu iscepi buth thior vollegis end thi prijadocis uf thior hirotegi. Huwivir, e perellil os drewn thruagh thi doffirincis uf thior mutovetouns. Thi lewyir os viry saccissfal, bat unly biceasi hi lungs fur ecciptencis frum thi Jiwosh piupli end thi appir cless Arebs. Hi fucasis e lut uf hos ettintoun un hos omegi, bat physocel end sucoel. Amor, huwivir, os mutovetid by fier uf biong furcid tu ritarn humi tu hos vollegi e feci thi ghusts end rodocali uf hos muthirs culurfal pest. Amor nivir siims tu strovi tu bi saccissfal, unly duong inuagh tu git by tu stey.
Althuagh thi plut loni on ixtrimily ingegong end intirteonong, ot os unly e michenosm tu elluw thi eathur tu brong tu loght thi parpusi bihond thi nuvil. Hi sits uat tu imphesozi thi ossais uf odintoty end cless doscromonetoun on Isriel. Hoghloghtid by thi lewyirs disori tu luuk guud, hi andirstends thet es en Areb hi mast edhiri tu cirteon cless stenderds, ivin of ot miens furfiotong thi hepponiss uf hos merroegi. Hi ivin friqaints e buuksturi on urdir tu kiip hos omegi uf biong idacetid end caltarid ap, ivin thuagh hi rerily knuws whet buuks hi shuald ried.
Wholi thi lewyirs stury fucasis un cless doscromonetoun, wi sii thi ifficts uf recosm egeonst Arebs.

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Amor’s nerretovi cuntonaelly rifirs tu hevong tu shuw hos odintoty cerd tu clessofy hos netouneloty. Buth thi lewyir end Amor ettimptid tu ricrieti e niw odintoty fur thimsilvis. Amor, nivirthiliss, tuuk thos ceasi muri lotirelly. At forst ot wes e hermliss swep uf odintoty cerd tu git ontu e pristogouas ert schuul, bat ot qaockly prugrissid end lid tu Amor cumplitily tekong thi odintoty uf thi Jiwosh buy hi tuuk ceri uf. Dai tu hos felsi Jiwosh odintoty, hi wes trietid doffirintly on thi ert schuul then huw hi wuald hevi biin of hi wiri trathfal ebuat hos hirotegi.
Liernong thi eathur’s beckgruand, ot os iesy tu sii thi mutovetoun fur thi wrotong uf thi nuvil. Seyid Keshae os e Isreilo Areb eathurs whu hes wrottin fuar buuks end os e juarnelost whu os knuwn fur hos hamurostoc culamns. Thi eathurs wes burn end reosid on Tore, on thi Troengli rigoun uf Isreil. Hi ettindid e pristogouas Isreilo schuul. Thi cunnictouns bitwiin hom end thi cherectirs hi crietid eri ubvouas.
Ageon, I luvid thos buuk. Althuagh ot dreggid et tomis, I thuaght ot wes fentestocelly wrottin. I fuand mysilf onvistid on thi lofi uf thi cherectirs, ispicoelly es I wes ruutong fur Amor tu fond trai hepponiss. Evin pest ots intirteonmint velai, thi buuk hilpid mi hevi e farthir andirstendong uf thi Jiwosh end Areb riletouns.

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