Book Review of the Unique and Emotional Novel, Same Kind of Different as Me

Book Review of the Unique and Emotional Novel, Same Kind of Different as Me

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Same Kind of Different as Me: a Modern-Day Slave, an International Art Dealer, and the Unlikely Woman Who Bound Them Together by Ron Hall and Denver Moore with Lynn Vincent is truly a magnificent story about the crossing and changing of two radically dissimilar people. The book is written in the form of two autobiographies that merge into one fantastic life story. The novel is based around the concept of compassion and what reaching out can do to a person’s life. Throughout the book, the readers’ eyes are opened to the cruelty of life for several people in the south and their eyes are also opened to the opinions and lifestyles of the homeless.
Denver Moore grows up known as easygoing, innocent “Li’l Buddy,” however he would become known as the meanest and most malicious man on the street. It is explained in the novel that Moore grew up in Louisiana where “virtual slavery” occurred. His job of picking cotton consumes the majority of his youth as he is not paid decently. Moore is exploited by “the Man,” the plantation owner who knowingly takes advantage of the clueless adolescent. After growing tired of living restrictedly, Moore hops on the train to Fort Worth, Texas. Moore says that he “didn’t think about it much, just walked out to the railroad tracks and waited for the train to come a-rollin” (Hall, Moore, and Vincent 64). In a pitiful predicament with no family, no guaranteed food, and no shelter, Moore becomes homeless. He quickly develops a distasteful reputation, one reputation that would lead him to jail for ten years. After serving his allotted time, he goes back to the streets where he begins going to the Union Gospel Mission. This place leads him to meet two people that would change his troubled life f...

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... This book proves to be the great story that it is as the New York Times placed it on their bestseller list for the previous 72 weeks. The compassion shown in this novel is something that everyone should take into consideration in their own lives. Such novels as Same Kind of Different as Me make the reader question what they can do to impact the hurting world in which they have around them, or are possibly living in themselves. Same Kind of Different as Me is definitely in the best interest of teen readers and adult readers to read as it is compacted with purpose and love.

Work Cited
Hall, Ron, and Denver Moore with Lynn Vincent. Same Kind of Different as Me: a Modern-Day
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