Book Review : ' No Shit ' Essay

Book Review : ' No Shit ' Essay

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Thursday afternoon dad walked in to my shop and waited for me outside the paint booth.
“What’s up?” I asked when I walked out.
“You going to see Harley this weekend?”
I nodded, “Planned on it. Why?”
“So things okay between you and her?”
I shrugged, “We’re talking again.”
He nodded his head, “Well I need you to keep an eye out for anybody suspicious this weekend. Prez just got another call about the Emergency Posts being tripped. Last weekend a girl claimed a guy tried to drag her behind a building but she managed to get away. Another one got set off last night too, same kind of story but the campus security couldn’t find anybody in the vicinity.”
“No shit?”
“Yep. The posts are the ones not too far from the dorm she’s living in and the two females were blondes.”
“And they can’t describe the guy?”
“That’s what the security guards are saying. The dean Shelton thinks they girls are getting some kind of threat and that’s why they aren’t fighting the suspect.”
I nodded, “I’ll keep an eye out. I’m leaving here after I finish Jose’s frame tomorrow. Mom know I’m going?”
Dad laughed, “Oh yeah and she’s pissed that you two aren’t going to be here to celebrate. I tried to tell her you were a little too old for birthday parties. She started crying and demanded we start trying to make another kid.”
My eyes got big, “Uhhh…”
“You know the saying, if momma aint happy.”
“Aint nobody happy.” I finished. “So you two are going to try for another?”
“She’ll change her mind trust me, all I have to do is play the labor and delivery video from the day that you were born.” He said. We both laughed. I knew now why they had stopped after me at least.
After he left I went inside and showered then put a pizza in the oven. While it was cooking I...

... middle of paper ...

... face, clearly embarrassed. “She has no filter—none. Like she wasn’t born with one.”
I draped my arms over their shoulders, kissed Harley on top of the head then looked at Sarah. “Feel free to tell me whatever she has told you about me.” I grinned.
“That you’re a stallion in…” Harley stepped out from under my arm and covered Sarah’s mouth with her hand.
“Do not listen to her!”
“I need to go get my stuff out of the truck.” We all three walked through the parking lot. I pulled my bag out of the back seat then grabbed the cupcake out of the passenger seat.
“Did you make that for me?” Harley asked with big eyes.
“Really?” I asked. She knew that I was a disaster in the kitchen unless it was very, very simple. And to me, baking was not simple.
“Your mom?”
“Yep, she brought it to me this morning but I wanted to share it with you.”
“Awwww—“ Sarah said with a smile.

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