Book Review: A women Doing Life Essay examples

Book Review: A women Doing Life Essay examples

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A women doing life is a book that talks openly about women in prison. The author of the book who is also an inmate is known as Erin George. She explains vividly about women life in prison and what she was going through as an inmate. The book also gives other stories about other female inmates. The book presents a realistic of what women goes through on daily basis in prison. The issues addressed are both physical and psychological challenges. She talks on behalf of those women facing challenges on daily basis in prison. The books explain life events that tragic and heartbreaking those changes later to be uplifting and humorous. She gives a story of how she is able to cope and manage in hard situations. The women’s humanity inside the prison is well shown in this book as they try to make ends meet in their daily life. This book is vivid and very compelling for women. It is one of the best contributions of the author in literature. The book has a virtually flawless pedagogical approach. The author’s writing is to a great extent excellent and it has helped in creating awareness in literature about the historical context of women in prison. It explains beyond the little information presented in the media about women life in prison and the challenges they face as inmates.
As the story begins, Dawes found the first taste f rock music and new all about it. According to her, the music was cathartic and liberating. She was compelled to express her feeling without conformity. She wanted to have a sense of belonging to a certain group, but found it was about her own individual. She had not known any other black woman interested in metals before. The motif of this publication revolved around a black woman life and her liberation in heavy me...

... middle of paper ...

... within the prison society. The author uses the book to help women in the prison society and outside the enclosed walls find themselves.
In conclusion, the book is well set, with a good introduction and interactive body. It has been recommended for used in literature in both secondary school and colleges. This will help the intended to have an awareness of women life in prison and faces of loss, hope, and human attitude and emotions in the prison life. The volume can be termed as companion for females both in the prison and outside prison. The issue racism has been well exposed in the book and the role of women artist in racism.

Erin G., 2010, A Woman Doing Life: Notes from a Prison for Women: The Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice. New York: Oxford University Press, 2010. Pp. vi, 202, Vol. 8(2)175.

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