Essay on Book Report On The Novel ' The Book '

Essay on Book Report On The Novel ' The Book '

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What is the stated or implied purpose for writing the book? What evidence does the author use to support the need for the book? “This book needed to be written because...”

• “On the other hand, part of the Christian story (and for that matter, the Jewish and Muslim stories) is that human beings have been so seriously damages by evil that what they need isn’t simply better self knowledge, or better social conditionals, but help and indeed rescue, from outside themselves.” (pg.25) N.T. Wright goes on to explain that people will eat anything if they are left without food for long enough. This sort of spiritual desperation is exactly why there is a need for this book. This book was written for the purpose of Christians being prepared for the reality that we so often do not see, accept, or participate in.
What are the main points the book is attempting to get across?

• Why do we live in a world poisoned by injustice? If we all have the desire to bring about justice, why can’t we seem to accomplish it? And why can I recognize what I myself must do for this very cause, but more often than not, find myself not doing it? This sort of questioning brought about Wright’s point that we are in the midst of an unfixable problem, held back by the human condition.
• The perfect resolution to our defiled world already exists in the mind of the Creator. We are living on Earth, which is the foundation of what God will soon fully restore.
• These various echoes of voices, in relationships, in creation, etc., lead us to the voice itself- God. He is not an object in our physical world, nor is He an idea in our intellectual world. Though we hear the echoes, we cannot get to the Voice, God, by our own means.
• The pattern of the Israe...

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...p underlining because his thought continued to become more and more fascinating. A few of the phrases I particularly enjoy are, “There is appropriate complexity along with appropriate simplicity,” when Wright is discussing the make up of human beings, and “It is his power we feel in the crashing of waves and the roar of the lion,” when Wright is discussing the beauty of God.
• I also appreciated the author’s constant acknowledgement of Christ’s sacrifice in every topic he discusses. Paralleling the reality of God’s creation, Wrights book is tried together, from cover to cover, with Christ’s defining work and sacrifice. This quote specifically stood out to me for its simple, yet powerful truth, saying “God’s plan to rescue the world from evil would be put into effect by evil doing its worst to the servant- that is, to Jesus himself- and thereby exhausting its power.”

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