Book Report On The Novel ' I Never Can Wish You A Greater Happiness Than This ! '

Book Report On The Novel ' I Never Can Wish You A Greater Happiness Than This ! '

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Journal Entry #2

“Oh, my girls , however long you may live , I never can wish you a greater happiness than this !”(449)

These are the concluding words to Little Women, and concludes the message presented by the novel . Marmen tries to teach the girls that a woman can go through life as they choose , but that no matter what a woman should always make sacrifices for their family , one 's family should

be a sacred and valuable thing , and by making sacrifices for one 's family , happiness will come out of it .

Since the start of the novel you can see how Jo doesn 't want to get married because that would involve leaving her sisters who she so deeply cares for her sisters and for them she is willing to never have kids or make a family of her own , because to Jo her sisters are worth so much more.Her sisters are the center of her universe , she believes that if she does get married that person will rip her away from her sister that she loves so much and so deeply

In Chapter 47 you can see how the whole family was all gathered in the celebration of Mother’s sixtieth birthday .The greater part of the sisters revel in their favorable luck and remember their good fortune, praising Marmee on such an effective life. Jo says that despite everything she plans to compose another novel however that she is extremely glad. Amy fusses that her girl, Beth, is sick, however plans to make the most of her for whatever length of time that she has her. Everybody communicates appreciation for the awesome life they all share. No matter what struggles they have gone through they are extremely great for all that they have and all that 's to come .

Journal Entry #3-The Civil War

The Civil War is never at any point said by name i...

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...rie, and they make "Jo + Laurie" YouTube montages with their most loved affection melodies playing over them. The sentiment in the novel is a great deal of fun, and you can become involved with it. In any case, Little Ladies is more than simply sentimental dramatization. It unites the sentiment plot with Jo 's endeavor to get herself and figure out how to express her abilities in her general surroundings.
Little Ladies is frequently viewed as youngsters ' writing, despite the fact that it 's a really high perusing level. Louisa May Alcott composed it with the goal of making a young ladies ' book, and she succeeded tremendously – the book has had a long life following death as a youngsters ' exemplary. It has additionally motivated later journalists, and we think we see an obligation to Little Ladies in books like Anne of Green Gables and Little House on the Prairie.

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