Essay Book Report On ' Halloween '

Essay Book Report On ' Halloween '

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Adrenaline invigorates people and feeds the natural human desire for it. The easiest way to supply this craving is by being scared. Halloween is a day revolving around this beast and all wishes for it will be fulfilled, causing my time to be spent at a haunted house. Right before Halloween, my friends, Caroline, Sydney, Amanda, and Abe, decided that being scared was the best way to celebrate the coming of our favorite holiday. Sydney found a place that claimed to be the scariest place in New Jersey. I agreed because I knew that it was only going to be actors wearing makeup who were just trying to startle people. We were told that it would take us around thirty minutes to get through the house, so it would not be too bad if one of us were terrified. All five of us entered through a door that what downstairs to the basement of the house, and waited for our eyes to adjust to complete darkness. Fifteen minutes in and I was scared beyond belief. We walked through hallways full of decaying zombies, ran from men with chainsaws, and hid from the psychiatric patients. Opening the door to the next room, Caroline easily led us while I was huddled between the others. I calmly moved along before bumping in to what I thought was Caroline. My head lifted to see why we stopped, but my eyes were met with a man who had a mutilated face and a machete. My mouth agape, waiting for any sound to come out, but I remained silent until Caroline pulled me around him. As soon as we shut the door behind us, Amanda, Sydney, and I agreed that we wanted to leave. Our voices echoed through the hallway, reminding us that we only had a few minutes to make a decision before another actor came out to scare us. Abe and Caroline complied, so we decided to w...

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... perspective of the antagonist. Lady Macbeth can be considered an antagonist because she provoked Macbeth to kill Duncan. In most views, she would be considered an accomplice to murder, and that is the perspective that she has on the situation. However, Lady Macbeth needs to see that she did not perform the action that catalyzed her immense guilt; Macbeth did. She may have been part of the influence to killing Duncan, but she is not the reason that Duncan is dead. Duncan is dead because Macbeth chose to kill him. In addition, Lady Macbeth was not fully aware of the murder because she did not knot if Macbeth would actually go through with it. None of her knowledge was ever confirmed, preventing Lady Macbeth from stopping a potential assassination. The principal piece to managing guilt is to try seeing the circumstances from another, typically the opposing, viewpoint.

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