Book Report On A Weekly Karate Class Essay

Book Report On A Weekly Karate Class Essay

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Everyone knew there was something wrong…
I was sitting outside after a weekly karate class on a late Tuesday night. I was waiting for my younger brother to finish his final class that night that let out at eight thirty. At this time I was in fourth grade at the local elementary school in our small town known as New Hope Solebury located right outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My mother handed me my heavy backpack and told me to reach in and get my small chapter book that my teacher had given me in class that morning. She wanted me to read aloud to her, but those small words that consisted of she, he, where, then, and there I couldn’t depict or understand. One…two…three times she asked me to try and read the words written in that small book and with each time I could hear her anger rising. She began to yell louder than I have ever heard her yell saying repeatedly how stupid I was because I couldn’t read basic words that every second grader could with no hesitation or problem.
This moment on January 24th, 2007 is where my life began to dramatically change.
I sat in front of Dr. King’s (whom was a child psychologist) desk staring at the four corner brick walls that had older posters hung on each end that spelled out words that I couldn’t read, but later to find out they were encouraging quotes (This was so convenient, especially since the bad news I would hear would be in that same spot only a couple weeks after my first encounter with Dr. King). Sadly Dr. King wasn’t the first type of doctor they had taken me to and wouldn’t be the last either. My parents were like detectives going from psychologist to psychologist trying to solve the ongoing mystery of what was “wrong” with me because I didn’t fit the “norm”. I was differe...

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...he isn’t the typical dyslexic student because she can do everything that the regular students can do. I have worked harder than anyone I know not only to reach my goals that I originally thought were impossible, but also to prove to all the people that I wasn’t a dead cause. I was focused and dedicated to my studies. I went from barely passing in school to being on honor roll all four years of high school. For me learning is more than just the GPA or who’s is smarter than the other, for me it’s about the achievement that proves to me that I am good enough. Being dyslexic is a learning process in itself, it’s a huge struggle that I will have to deal with for the rest of my life, but it’s also my biggest victory that I was able to defeat and conquer. Finally I can say that I have mastered and defined what learning means me and can proudly say I’m living with dyslexia.

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