The Book of Ruth's Integral Role in Christian Women History and Theology

The Book of Ruth's Integral Role in Christian Women History and Theology

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The Book Of Ruth plays an integral role in Christian women history and theology as it illustrates how patriarchal system lessens the worth of women. The narrative account of Ruth reveals how society, at that time, confines women in a patriarchal system that does not always value women. In spite of this, Ruth learns how to use the patriarchal world to her advantage and serves as a great role model for women today.
The Book of Ruth demonstrates how the worth of a woman is less significant than a man. In essence, the Book of Ruth illustrates how these group of women found themselves in a predicament but use their intelligence to initially get what they want. In addition, the Book Of Ruth depicts these female characters as strong-willed, especially, the main character Ruth, and that is not found often in the Bible. Moreover, the Book of Ruth provides insight on how a woman’s worth is threatened if they fail to have a male provider.
In the narrative, the death of a husband and, later, Naomi’s two sons shows how vulnerable Naomi and her two daughter-in-laws, Ruth and Orpah, were because they did have a man to support them. However, in this instance, Ruth shows how devoted she is. At one point, Naomi tells Orpah and Ruth to go back to their mother’s house because they still have the potential to get married whereas she is too old to have a husband and even if she did marry, they should not wait for her to bear sons. Nonetheless, Ruth persists that Orpah and her will remain staying with her, stating that wherever Naomi goes, she goes, and that Naomi’s God is her God as well. In this moment alone, Ruth displays courage and devotion when she decides not to abandon Naomi. To this point, Ruth has sacrificed everything to be with Naomi;...

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...and providing an outlook that women and men can be seen as equals rather than women being in the shadow of men.

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