The Book of Negroes Expository Essay

The Book of Negroes Expository Essay

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It is impossible for anyone to survive a horrible event in their life without a relationship to have to keep them alive. The connection and emotional bond between the person suffering and the other is sometimes all they need to survive. On the other hand, not having anyone to believe in can make death appear easier than life allowing the person to give up instead of fighting for survival. In The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill, Aminata Diallo survives her course through slavery by remembering her family and the friends that she makes. Aminata is taught by her mother, Sira to deliver babies in the villages of her homeland. This skill proves to be very valuable to Aminata as it helps her deliver her friends babies and create a source of income. Aminata’s father taught Aminata to write small words in the dirt when she was small. Throughout the rest of the novel, Aminata carries this love for learning new things to the places that she travels and it inspires her to accept the opportunities given to her to learn how to write, read maps, and perform accounting duties. Early in the novel Aminata meets Chekura and they establish a strong relationship. Eventually they get married but they are separated numerous times after. Aminata continuously remembers and holds onto her times with Chekura amidst all of her troubles. CHILDREN. The only reason why Aminata Diallo does not die during her journey into and out of slavery is because she believes strongly in her parents, husband and children; therefore proving that people survive hardships only when they have relationships in which to believe.
Whenever Sira, Aminata’s mother went to help women deliver their babies, Aminata would go along too. She would watch and help her mother, eventually le...

... middle of paper ...

... and full of energy” (183). This is the first connection between Aminata and her first son Mamadu. It is a physical connection, between mother and son. Although Mamadu was sold from her, Aminata still feels connected to her son. “I looked again at the boy, and thought about how good it would have felt to have my own son alive and strong... I wondered what Mamadu would have looked like, if he had been allowed to stay with me” (327). Aminata thinks about him and his appearance and location. Aminata’s second child, May is born to her when Chekura is not with her. Nevertheless Aminata narrates, “I loved every inch of my daughter and worshipped every beat of her heart...” (345). This quote shows how Aminata loves and cares for May and has established a mother-daughter bond.

Works Cited

Hill, Lawrence. The Book of Negroes. Toronto, Ontario: HarperCollins, 2009. Print.

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