The Book Of Margery Kempe, A Women From King 's Lynn During Medieval Times

The Book Of Margery Kempe, A Women From King 's Lynn During Medieval Times

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The Book of Margery Kempe is an autobiography of Margery Kempe, a women from King 's Lynn during medieval times. Kempe 's autobiography talks about the struggles she encountered on her journey for a holy life. Margery gave birth to her first child when she was about twenty years old, and after giving birth she had a nervous breakdown. She saw visions of the devil all around her, and her actions proved her to be anything but holy. It wasn 't until she recovered due to a vision of Jesus Christ that she was determined to devote her life to religiousness and to studying God. This vision led her on her journey to a union with God to fulfill her life purpose. Throughout her journey she received personal visions from Christ and the Virgin Mary which helped her to fight the temptations that she faced that would go against Gods beliefs. This journey to a holy life was an emotional rollercoaster and very dramatic for her. She believed that God and his beliefs were a way of life and she wanted to be apart of that life. Margery Kempe traveled to holy sites, such as Jerusalem, sought out spiritual authorities, such as Julian, and made drastic life changes, all to say that she has union with God and has fulfilled her life purpose.
Among the many things encountered on her journey to a holy life, was her visit to the holy land Jerusalem. Kempe traveled to Jerusalem with the company of pilgrims. "And when this creature saw Jerusalem,...she thanked God with all her heart, praying for his mercy, that as he had brought her to see this earthly city Jerusalem, he would grant her grace to see the blissful city Jerusalem above" (Kempe, 429), meaning Kempe was so happy that she was able to see the holy city that it made her desire to be able to see the ...

... middle of paper ... wardrobe did as well. She always wore white clothing and never anything else. It was as if the white as a symbol of God and Heaven which helped to prove her devotion to him. Margery Kempe made a life changing decision to devote herself to God which caused her to become a different person than she was before her nervous breakdown and her vision of God (Phillips, 17-34).
Margery Kempe went through a lot in order to live a life that was devoted to her Catholic religion and to God himself. Among doing so, she went through different experiences that helped her to learn more about what God went through. These experiences consisted of visits to holy sites, a conversation with a spiritual authority figure and completely changing how she lived her life. The journey and experiences Kempe went through, show that she fulfilled her yearning desire for God as a life purpose.

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