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The Book of Daniel
The Book of Daniel took place in between 605 BC and 530 BC however the message is still relevant in today’s society, 2544 years later. Different themes are found in the book. These themes teach a lesson which can be used into today’s society. Even though the times, tradition and circumstances are different now than it was back then the messages are greatly relevant. The main themes of the book were about faithfulness toward what you believe in no matter what society says or the dangers. God is trustworthy and does everything for a reason no matter if the person is in the worst spot ever in life they have to believe there is something better in the future. Also Gods ability to save his children in the face of danger and will give them justice, and that god gives messages in mysterious ways.
In today’s society everyone has freedom of religion, on the other hand, there are still allot of people who discriminate against other groups. Now a day it’s more accepted to sin over and over than be someone who follows the commandments and be faithful to god or follow what they believe if they are the minority. It is hard to admit in believing in a God or heaven meanwhile science and non-believers have tried so hard to disprove it and cause people to believe that believing in God is futile and a lie. Believing became harder and became a burden in the life we all grew in to, but believing was also hard for Daniel, even though it’s in a different way than the present.
Daniel was taken captive at 15 years old and got put into unfamiliar territory. He believed in the Jewish God and got tested daily in his faith. Back then the most accepted action was whatever the king said. People believed in the Pagan gods and had rituals ...

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...6). Lastly Darius learns of god through the safety of Daniel in the lion’s den.
The messages in The Book of Daniel are very relevant in today’s society and can teach people in today’s society to be faithful and to know god no matter what. Even if the times are different the lessons, morals, and situations are similar to todays. People need to learn to be faithful to your beliefs no matter what, be it if they believe in god or Allah or the Sun God Oomba, they should never be ashamed. God is trustworthy and does everything for a reason and leads people to where they are supposed to be in life even if they have bad luck or be in a bad situation it’ll get better. Also Gods ability to save his children in the face of danger and will give them justice, life may not be fair all the time but there is someone looking out for them and that god gives messages in mysterious

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