Essay on The Book ' Mormon Play 3 Times, And Every Time Is Better Than The Last

Essay on The Book ' Mormon Play 3 Times, And Every Time Is Better Than The Last

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I have watched The Book of Mormon play 3 times, and every time is better than the last. Matt Stone and Trey Parker are geniuses, combining brilliant playwriting, beautiful musicality, and hilarious comedy themes. It catches your eye immediately, drawing you into their world that they created for you. This play, however, is only a play. It is constantly sold out and is in high demand even after being released in 2011. The Book of Mormon is extremely popular and successful, and for good reason too. What some people are wanting, however, is for it to be formatted to a full length feature movie, or at least a made for TV special. It does have some adult language and adult themes, but it is hardly inappropriate for most adult audiences. Much like Sweeney Todd, a very popular and successful musical play turned full length feature movie, The Book of Mormon is just begging for it to be watched in a theater near you. Now, this movie would be a rated R flick, but it would gross a lot in box office revenue. Look at the movie Deadpool for example. This movie is extremely inappropriate for children, is a comic book, and has a very large adult following, but made the most in box office revenue than any comic book movie ever. With that being said, turning the mature play The Book of Mormon into a movie fit for theaters would be no stretch. If I was to turn this amazing play into a very good successful movie I would give the direction to the creators Matt Stone and Tray Parker, cast it with well-known actors and actresses relative to the real cast of the play, and add some extra background actors as well as actual sets to make it seem more like an authentic movie. Here is how it would all go down.
First, we would need to focus on the original sc...

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...ity, there should be more background casted as Mormons. The sets would also have to be larger and more expensive than the play, of course. All in all, production value must be more than the actual play itself.
These changes would have to be made in order for the film to be an overall success. The play is already fantastic and the content is wonderfully well written, but the production value and casting must be better to draw in a larger crowd. Not everyone is a fan of musicals, but they can be converted if the film is done correctly. I would be the first one to own a copy if this play was made into an actual movie. It’s one of those productions that you could watch over and over without it getting bored or stale. Hopefully, one of these days our local movie theater will say “Coming to a theater near you: The Book of Mormon” Until then, I will wait with anticipation.

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