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"Oh, the Anime/Manga Club? That disbanded a few years ago." the librarian told us. "What?" I said in pear disbelief, "No Anime/Manga Club!" I was in shock and then extremely disappointed by that fact. I then knew that I had to restart the club and by doing so I soon obtained the quality of leadership and communication. Looking back on it now I really don 't know how I pulled it off. I was really shy in middle school and stayed under the radar. I had only a few friends, two of which helped me get the courage to ask and start the Anime/Manga Club. I remember going up to the librarian, a complete stranger, and being pretty scared to ask about the club. I had my two friends, Evelyn, and Nikki, there with me to ask. After we did I was so dejected by the fact that they did not have the club anymore. I was extremely pleased with what the librarian, soon to be known as Mrs. Smith, said next. "Well if you girls want to start the club up again I would be more than happy to help. I was sad when the club had to break up. There was no interest in an Anime/Manga Club until you asked just now." I was overjoyed at the fact that Mrs. Smith would help to create this club again, well me and of course both my friends. For the first year of the club I was just a member, we really didn 't have a leader besides Mrs. Smith. Into my second year, that 's when I really started to show some signs of leadership. Thus through the next 4 years of my high school, I learned how to become a leader and to part from my past, shy self. During the first year, the club was held in the orchestra room which was big. It had a smart board which was used to watch anime on and chairs that were positioned in a half circle facing said smart board. All of those chairs were fill...

... middle of paper ... I have worked so hard to keep this club running and fun for everyone who joins, welcoming to new members, and be that leader figure for everyone. A lot of the members of the Anime/Manga Club are quiet people themselves and don 't speak up when they have ideas so I try to make it easier to speak up because I know exactly how they feel. I was in the same boat not too long ago and this club helped me overcome these flaws and I hope it does the same to even some of the members in this club. Overall, I have grown so much these past 4 years. I have learned not only to be there for others but to speak up for myself. I had so much trouble with talking to anyone and expressing myself, but thru the Anime/Manga Club I have learned become a leader and to communicate. This experience has changed me for the better and I hope I can become an even more valuable member of society.

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