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The Book By Stephen R. Covey Essay

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The book was published in 1989 written by Stephen R. Covey. The book explains an approach to being effective in managing people and yourself. After reviewing two hundred years of literature on success, the writer got to a conclusion that there is no book that explains long term advises, but rather all of them were to solve immediate issues. The book started to talk about Stephen’s life where he wanted to control his child, he was successful with his wife in maintaining a healthy relationship with their child and unlock different opportunities for him. Every human has his own unique character, and every character has its own collection of habits. Moreover, habits have a major role on everyone’s life. To break down habits we can say that habits consist of skills, desires, and knowledge. Every one of them represents different aspects in our reactions in our daily life, when we receive news, and when we lose something or gain something.
This book offers plenty of valuable lessons to be learned and applied. After reading the book the first lesson that came to my mind is that our characters are critical, since I mentioned above that our character consists of different habits. Therefore, we must understand that character building is important and monitoring our habits because they determine our character and our character determine our lives. Second lesson I learned is that personal and family mission statements are required to plan the path we follow. To keep a healthy relationship with your family and your spouse, a person needs to plan ahead and write down personal goals and mission statement, then keep reading it to see if he or she is on track or not. Another valuable lesson is that the book introduces a simple tool to priorities ...

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... Seventh and final is Sharpen the saw. This habit is where you can take time to increase your knowledge in something so you can do it faster. In the book they gave an example where someone was trying to saw down his tree with a chainsaw that is not sharp enough to cut down the tree, his neighbor gave him an advice to sharpen the saw first. This habit is to always become a better person by many different ways, we always need to ask ourselves I am I a better person than yesterday?

In conclusion, no matter what happens in life we must keep going, keep learning, meeting new people, going in new adventures, and always think outside of the box. I learned more than just seven habits, I learned how to deal with people with life with my own mentality. I learned that life can be hard but if we work together we can always overcome any difficulty with the right mentality.

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