Book Analysis: The Shining by Stephen King Essay

Book Analysis: The Shining by Stephen King Essay

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AP Book Report
1. The Shining
2. Author and Date Written: Stephen King, 1977
3. Country: United States
4. Characters:
Jack Torrance (Major)-A writer and former teacher who suffers from alcohol abuse and becomes the caretaker of the Overlook Hotel for the winter. Determined to make amends, he quits drinking and tries to finish his novel while working at the hotel. However, Jack slowly falls under the hotel’s influence and is constantly plagued by past mistakes and loses control.

Danny Torrance (Major) - Jack’s five year old son with a special power called the “Shining”. He is able to see what others cannot, and is able to see the horror of the hotel they are staying in. Danny is also able to feel the rift between his parents, and tries to stop a divorce from happening.

Wendy Torrance (Major) - Jack’s wife who stays with him during his winter job as caretaker. She began doubting Jack after he lost his job and broke Danny’s wrist because of alcohol. She believes in Danny’s powers and protects him from Jack as he slowly succumbs to the madness of the hotel.

Dick Halloran (Major) -...

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