Essay on Bones And Its Effects On Society

Essay on Bones And Its Effects On Society

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Maybe you bought one for the dog. Or it was broken during a sport. Bones are a vital part of life, without them, a human is a sack of muscle and skin. Bones are protected by thick layers of muscle and skin and it is only exposed when the skin is broken. When humans die, unless they are cremated, they are placed in a casket where their flesh will slowly decompose leaving the bones. Humans, being the most advanced species that are known, are more civilized when it comes to death rituals , unlike most animals. When other species die they let their bodies fall where they may and their flesh is decomposed by scavengers,fungi,and natural causes. The problem scientist come across is being able to identify theses bones, whether it be to see what caused the animal to perish or just for knowledge. Usually, when scientists come across these bones the flesh has not fully decomposed so they need to speed up the decomposition process artificially and this research paper goes over some of the possible ways to do that.
The first method for artificial decompression that is used in the experiment is bleach, also known as sodium hypochlorite. Sodium hypochlorite was discovered around 1785. It is a clear, slightly yellowish solution."sodium hypochlorite has a relative density of 1,1"(Water Treatment Solutions) . When used as a bleach it usually contains 5% of sodium hypochlorite giving it a pH of around 11. When more concentrated the solution becomes corrosive and burns and also obtain a new pH balance of 13. Sodium hypochlorite is unstable. It reacts with flammable compounds. Though it has the "power" of corrosion, bleach is also used in the reduction of skin damage. Beach baths are commonly used in baths to treat eczema."when going again...

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...e only error that could occur with this method is the boiling water boiling the bone to the bone that the bones start to soften and overall dissolve away. But this error word on is possible in extremely hot temperatures.
What we know about dinosaurs would be a mystery. Solving a homicides that our week 's old nd take place I the wood would be nearly impossible. All mammals have bones. And all of their bones tell a story. It is up to scientist all over the world to be able to read that story. Figuring out which one of these methods is more useful for scientists to use is important because new ones are being discovered every day and being able to critically look t these bones without being set back by the barrier that the flesh create is vital.That is why this experiment is being done. To understand the possible ways to remove the flesh that isn 't so expensive.

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