Bone Disease from Dyshondroplasia to Osteogenesis Imperfecta Can Be Rare but Are Painful

Bone Disease from Dyshondroplasia to Osteogenesis Imperfecta Can Be Rare but Are Painful

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There are numerous types of bone diseases in the world, however there are some that are considered to be rare. From Dyshondroplasia to Osteogenesis Imperfecta, these rare diseases have signs and symptoms that make them completely different from any other diseases. Bone diseases are special in a sense that they must be treated carefully to prevent the patient from undergoing too much pain. While some bone diseases, such as osteomalacia, are found more in the elder; there are some that are most commonly seen in children. Rickets is an example of this, which is why it may be looked upon as an osteomalacia of the young. Although these two may seem to be similar, there are certain qualities that make them differ from eachother.
Osteomalacia is a well known disease of the elderly who lack a very important vitamin; vitamin D. However, the seasoned are not the only ones who may suffer from this. It is rare, but possible, that children can get the disease, also known as rickets, can happen to them if they have vitamin D deficiency. While it is more common in some places rather than others, we are slowly starting to see a reappeance in the United States for numerous reasons. There are numerous types of the disease, however the most common, and researched is a form called nutritional rickets. The fascinating part of this form is that it is completely preventable. A simple change of diet or sun exposure can be enormously effective. Doctors are now aware of the increase of rickets in 21st century kids, and are working on ways for them to understand the importance of preventing this painful disease.
Although Rickets can be caused after disorders, such as of the gut or pancreas, one of the main causes for rickets is the lack of vitamin D ...

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... treated at an earlier stage, rather than later (Kaneshiro, 2012). These surgeries tend to have a very good outcome, and should always be considered when there is a pediatric patient who has withstoof much pain and discomfort from rickets.
Its amazing that a disease as simple as rickets is so preventable, however we are seeing it make a reappearance. Those whom are older, and have osteomalacia, may realize how traumatic this disease is than others. Our skeletal system has the amazing ability to carry our entire body weight and even more with its strength, however those with rickets don't have the same strength as a person with a large amount of vitamin D intake. Rickets disease should be more of a concern, especially to soon-to-be parents who want the best health for their children. A spread of the harmful effects of this disease can put a complete end to it.

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