Essay on The Bonding Between Families

Essay on The Bonding Between Families

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Traditions importance to me stems down to the bonding between families. For as long as I can remember parties, holidays, or important events is always what kept my large family united. Enjoying each others company, catching up with one another’s lives, cracking a chuckle at a joke from one of my delusional great uncles, enjoying my great grandmothers perfectly baked pastries and cakes, and dancing; a lot of dancing. My family loved to dance because it would make everyone come together from every corner of the room to dance in harmony and unity as they danced until the sun rose. These moments were important because that is what kept everyone happy and distracted him or her from life’s daily routine.

My family is from a small town in Sues Dyke, Guyana located in South America next to Brazil. Gertrude and Amos Gibson gave birth to 11 children. 3 were deceased within there first months after birth due to lack of food and poverty. Therefore, the remaining 9 children were made up 4 girls and 5 boys. They all lived a rural life on a farm with animals. I can remember my grandmother telling me stories about getting chased by wild speckled snakes, a large cow leaping over here to escape slaughtering and birthday present gifts such as a hard boiled egg. I guess you can say their life wasn’t the most fortunate during childhood. However, my grandmother Jean; assures me that they were content with living under these conditions because they didn’t know life to be any different. My great grandmother; Gertrude whose name I have tattooed in fine script once told me “she never felt emotions of sadness due to her life because, she was grateful for life itself; and as long as she remained alive she will enjoy her time here on Earth”.

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... to working long hours and all the children went off to school as well as after school, then home to eat dinner and finally to sleep. 5 days a week and sometimes-even weekends. Keeping these same, customs in my now adult life proves its influence despite the passing of its teacher: my great grandmother. Gertrude Gibson passed away in August of 2012 at the age of 101. Thankfully, we were able to celebrate her 100th birthday with every single member of our family the year before her passing. My family has molded me to understand the importance of unity and celebration. Now, when a close friend or family member has a birthday or celebration, I make it my responsibility to celebrate it to the fullest extent. These moments that we have with each other should be cherished. These are the moments we will remember as life progresses. These are the moments that make us human…

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