Essay on Bond Between Humans and Animals Throughout History

Essay on Bond Between Humans and Animals Throughout History

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Animals have long been an integral part human culture. Up until the mid-nineteenth century, humans got around by horse and carriage. Animals have always been essential to human survival; man has always used animals for resources. Given the time spent together, animals and humans have developed bonds and relationships. Today, there are millions of domesticated animals. These animals become a part of each family their taken care by. People have come to love their pets like family. The bonds and relationships that develop between humans and animals are much like human to human. This relation is prevalent in the novel The Mouse and the Motorcycle. In the story, a relationship between Ralph, a mouse, and Keith, a boy, develops. The two entities strike an impressive friendship that resembles that of two human best friends that have known each other for years. Over the course of the story, Keith loses trust in Ralph and it becomes Ralphs mission to earn it back. Depicted in this novel is a relationship that progresses between two strangers and the lengths friends are willing to go to for those they love. Creatures of completely different species become a united family. Animals and humans develop bonds like that of family which leads to remarkable friendships.
Animals and humans have had relations for thousands of years.The relations begin in a rather coarse way in which man would hunt down animals for survival. Moving into an improved era between animals and humans, man put animals to work. Now, while this is not the greatest relationship, the animals were now being cared for. The relations between animals and humans expanded because man has come to respect and appreciate the work animals do. The cowboy getting feed and water into his...

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...lity to face adversity for those they love. Animals have found their ways into the hearts of humanity and have settled in very deep. I had a pet that very recently passed away of whom lived with us for 17 years. There were countless time she had gotten out and I searched for hours in order to be reunited. Now that shes gone, I have lost my buddy that I would spend the mornings with. Mona was never our dog, she was our family. Pets are far more than just something people own, pets are members of the family.
For some, their pet is all that they have. People are never alone when at home with their pet because their at home with family. Today, animals fill the void of loneliness that is felt by millions. When people come home after a long day its their pet, or family, that brings them back. Their family will jump into their laps in excitement of seeing their loved one.

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