The Bombing Of The World War II Essay

The Bombing Of The World War II Essay

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During the second world war a vast number of civilians were killed by air bombings. Germany started such bombings in Spain and London killing thousands of people. However, the bombings did not stop there. Throughout the course of the war the Axis and Allied bombed several parts of the world targeting not only military facilities. Additionally, more into the war entire cities were targeted but also entire cities just to prove a specific point. In the video Civilians at War people that witnessed the bombings explain how these atrocious acts marked their lives also they describe with detail how they felt at the time. Though all of the bombings had great damage to the cities and innocent people targeted, not all of them had the same intentions.
London was one of the first cities to be targeted by the Germans in the “blitz”. The blitz consisted of bombing London every night for seventy-six nights. One of the witnesses named Sheila Black goes on to mention that they had more light from London burning than they had from the electric light. By theses words she describes the severity and magnitude of London’s damage by the bombings. The blitz was part of the axis’ tactics to gain territory for Germany’s empire “the third Reich”. The video also mentions that the people in London were the target. Basically the target was anything that stood in the way of Germans gaining territory.
Before the London bombings Spain was another city that was targeted by the Germans. This bombing had a different intention than the blitz in London. The Spain bombings according to the video occurred just to test the field of a new more heavily armed Germany. Germany claimed that they were trying to help the fascist regime in Spain. However, no military facilit...

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...Then a Second bomb over Nagasaki was dropped to completely annihilate this city and the people in it. These two bombs completed the objective that was to end the war as soon as possible. Japan surrendered after seeing these Japanese cities destroyed.
Bombings over cities we can agree that they are morally wrong when territory is needed and taken by force though they are arguably justifiable if they end the war. When the war started the Axis just needed more territory and they were taking it by force. Moreover, when the United States bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki the objective was to end the war. Which leaves the question is destruction of entire cities and the killing of thousands and thousands of innocent civilians necessary to meet the means of winning a war? Because if it is then we go back to the idea of the one who holds the the bigger stick will win any war.

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