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This article by Orr Kelly clearly shows the negative affect of the Tet Offensive even years after the event. At this time the public is no long under the impression that the United States could win and that they Vietnam War was not going as well at all. This article show the dramatic change in public opinion of the war before the infamous event. It goes to from most people supporting to the war to public wanting out of the war. Orr Kelly was not the only person to have this opinion after the Tet Offensive.
The next article that I want to talk about after the Tet offensive is also from the Reading Eagle but from January 28, 1973 issue of the newspaper. This article is called Bombing of North Vietnam Seen Failure. This in the article criticize that the bombing North Vietnam was complete waste. It point out the cost that American for these bombing North Vietnam like loss of over thousand airplanes, thousand missing airmen and more than five hundred airmen shot down and imprisons within the enemy country. That is not even the money that it cost American. It was about sixteen point five billion U.S dollars in planes, bombs and rocket used against the enemy of North Vietnam. The article even states that United State use three time tonnage more in bombs in this Vietnam at the time of the article publication then they did in the World War II. Then the nail in this coffin for this article to show the different between the articles before the Tet Offensive would be that the article point out the Pentagon stated that their bombs were not aim at civilian population in the north Vietnam but legitimate Military target then later admit to the American citizens that they hit a hospital by accident.
This article Bombing of North Vietnam Seen Fail...

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...the government is say. For the fact that the government called the Tet offensive a victory when the a reporter by the name Walter Cronkite of the war say about the Tet Offensive was a “bloody stalemate” when American government called it a victory. This can be seen in the newspaper articles that were published before and after the Tet Offensive. The biggest change that can be seen in the tone of the media toward the Vietnam War is in the Bombing of North Vietnam Seen Failure is complete different from the article Allie Claim 2 Victories in Viet Nam Fray. These two articles are a good comparison to show the different effect of the Tet Offensive had on the American’s people. They went from mostly supporting the war to wanting nothing to do with it. It seems to like the public illusion of winning the war was shatter forever by the Tet Offensive and events afterword.

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