The Bombing Of George W. Bush Essay

The Bombing Of George W. Bush Essay

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9/11 was one of Osama’s biggest and most deadly attacks that he was able to carry out on American ground. Millions of people and family had to watch and see their family members die from this disaster. Having 9/11 happen which had also caused the U.S. into having to invade Afghanistan and Iraq to dismantle or stop any production of mass weapons. Doing this has our troops in high danger of not coming back due to being blown up or shot. After this terrorist attack airports had begun to higher the security checks and have the captain cockpit secured, while also having an officer on the planes as well.
While people were questioning the presidency of George Bush and what his plans were on revenge. George W. Bush had then broadcasted that revenge would be taken and Osama Bin Laden will pay for the damage he has created. The war and mission to finding Bin Laden he was to either be taken or killed whatever had to be done to stop him. Knowing that by moving on to this sort of mission would cost millions of dollars for our country. Everything had to be top-secret on how they would advance in tracking him down.
The other worry is if by the U.S. taking revenge and killing Bin Laden how would end. Most people knew that after he had been captured or killed that there would be a revenge attack back at America. Possibly after years of strengthening the country that this would cause them to do a secret attack upon the country. Families of whom those were killed in 9/11 were okay with the country acting out and accomplishing revenge for their loved ones lives. While other were hating the fact of it due to it making our country travel further in debt due to being involved in war.
Finding Bin Laden was not easy at all for the U.S. at all this had...

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...y sent out a video stating that their leader Osama Bin Laden was too precious to all of the Muslims for him to die. Al-Qaida biggest reason for the video was to show us how they will keep their country intact and vigorous. That killing their leader would not change anything as they would continue on in his footsteps.
Osama Bin Laden death sent al-Qaida into a decline that will be hard to reverse. With al-Qaida two highest leaders no longer around the country will have a difficult time returning. The U.S. is terrified that there will soon be an attack on our homeland. The amount of terrorist attacks worldwide has decreased in the past years. “The attacks have increased in Africa. Most of the countries have been increase and changing their views and ways now that Al-Qaida has no power” (Deaths of Osama bin Laden, other top figures put al-Qauda on 'path of decline ').

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