The Bombing Of Boston Marathon Bombing Essay examples

The Bombing Of Boston Marathon Bombing Essay examples

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“[On the] hazy afternoon of April 15th, 2013, two pressure-cooker¬ bombs exploded near the marathon finish line on Boylston Street, killing three people, including an eight-year-old boy. Close to 300 more were injured by flying shrapnel, with many losing a leg, or an arm, or an eye” (Reitman). Perhaps the most serious attack ever happened in the United States after 9/11, Boston Marathon Bombing brought the City of Boston into deep grief of the loss of lives and confusion about the identity of the perpetrator. According to a CNN report, not until three days after the bombing on April, 18 did FBI release pictures of two suspects (Botelho). The two suspects turned out to be brothers—Tamerlan Tsamaev and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who were not affiliated with any terrorist groups (Reitman). What led the Tsarnaev brothers to set bombs to take away lives of innocent people then?
Tsarnaev family came to America in 2002, harboring great ambitions to live a better life than they did in Chechen (Helman, Russel 38-39). They eventually settled down in Cambridge and the Tsarnaev brothers started their life in America. Everything seemed promising at the beginning.
The Tsarnaev brothers had entered American society in their own ways. Helman and Russel wrote in their book Long Mile Home, “After a couple of years in America, Tamerlan had [become] one of the better boxer in the region…he had an unorthodox style…[wearing] silver high-tops…furry hat” (42). However, “his prospects were otherwise cloudy,” since he had attended two community colleges but eventually had dropped out (Helman, Russel). Meanwhile, his brother, Dzhokhar, seemingly bright and promising, “took honors classes and worked hard at wrestling” and “often agreed to watch his sisters’ bab...

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...atch dangerous Tamerlan closely enough, given the fact that in 2012, he traveled to Makhachkala, Dagestan, where “a jihadist underground was staging deadly raids on police and the secular government they protect” (Helman, Russel). Though “a Globe investigation…[doubted] such a connection [between the insurgents and Tamerlan] ever occurred,” it was reasonable to assume that he was immersed more deeply into his faith during his stay in the Union of Just, accused by Russian authourities as an outlawed Islamic group (Helman, Russel).
Tamerlan returned to Cambridge and launched a YouTube account with one playlist called “Terrorists”, posting a speech by a speaker wearing camouflage along with masked militants. Another dangerous sign was that Tamerlan told his friend Laking that there was a voice inside his head, which might be a sign of schizophrenia (Helman, Russel 48).

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