Essay on The Bolshevik Revolution And The Revolution

Essay on The Bolshevik Revolution And The Revolution

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There are many people who have lived through and within the Bolshevik Revolution, so there are a multitudinous variety of perspectives, thoughts, and insights about the revolution. The Bolshevik Revolution is known for many things; some say that the revolution helped women become free of control, and others proclaim that it did nothing but continue to hold women captive of their desired rights. The Bolshevik Revolution article states the side of a history professor Richard Stites, who argues yes the revolution benefited the women whilst the other side is declared no the revolution did no justice for women at all, which was argued by a Russian scholar, Lesly A. Rimmel. The opposing arguments both create an effective view on the revolution, and its outcomes. Upon further analysis and evaluation the determination will be made as to how revolutionary the Bolshevik revolution really was for Russian women.

In order to discover whether or not Russian women really made any progress post the Bolshevik Revolution look at the needs to be taken into consideration at what life was like prior to 1917. Much like every other part of the world during the 19th century society was largely if not entirely controlled by men. Russian society during this time in particular was operated on somewhat of a caste system. The male was considered the head of the household with the woman’s primary role of house maintenance and childcare. During the Bolshevik Revolution period women had no power to economically provide for themselves and as the article suggest, “women would marry solely out of need to find a partner that was financially well off with no regard to actual affection or love interest.” (164). This is something ultimately contributing to a weaker h...

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... and Russia still has a very gender role ridden society. Russia as a whole seems to be a country hard pressed to make changes to long established traditions and stigmas. This is further reflected on issues such as homosexuality in 1917 which was once decriminalized only to be recriminalized by 1933. A society where being transgendered or homosexual is considered a mental-illness by law still is hard to sway in its opinions. These social issues and the approach that Russia takes towards addressing them will ultimately determine how successful the Bolshevik revolution really was. Yes several advances for women have been made, and both articles from Rimmel and Stites can both attest to the fact that a groundwork for change has been laid. In turn it may be time for a new type of revolution for Russia to be the nation that its women and all of its citizens truly deserve.

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