Boeing Report: The Boeing 787 Dreamliner Essay example

Boeing Report: The Boeing 787 Dreamliner Essay example

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The Boeing 787 Dreamliner was first launched in Washington in 2007, by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Commissioned in 2003(Tang and Zimmerman, 2009), it was titled 7E7 prior to being renamed in 2005. Boasting of technological innovations such as increased fuel efficiency, and the use of composite materials in production, it became the 'fastest-selling wide-body airliner in [aviation] history'. It involved a unique supply chain arrangement entailing global collaboration between various tiered suppliers and its factories in the States.

2. Problems Encountered
Larson and Gray(2014) identifies the scope as being the final deliverable for the customer upon project completion. In the case of the 787, this would comprise the fuel-efficient jet body coupled with twin engines, technical systems, batteries, and landing gears. Technical requirements form part of the scope, including specifications such as the weight and materials used.

Milestones are also identified to estimate the time necessary for major parts of the project to be completed. The entire project was forecasted to cost $6billion, and have its duration shortened to four years owing to the radical outsourcing model adopted(Tang and Zimmerman, 2009).

Nonetheless, various issues have surfaced over the lifespan of the project. Firstly, technical specifications were were not met. As highlighted in the case, 'the first six 787s were overweight' and this would have an impact on the fuel efficiency. Additionally, the final deliverable was fraught with problems, including automatic landing gear failure, battery overheating, and consequent electrical problems. Owing to a multitude of supply chain and technical issues, the project was delayed and behind schedule by three years ...

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...ion, New York: McGraw-Hill Education

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