The Boeing 777 Jet That Disappeared in The South Indian Ocean Essay examples

The Boeing 777 Jet That Disappeared in The South Indian Ocean Essay examples

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Missing MH370 Flight

The Boeing 777 jet disappeared in the South Indian Ocean on March 8, 2014. There were 239 passengers and crew members onboard of the plane that day. The air searches for the missing flight will end April 14th . They are preparing a robotic submarine to scan and map the oceans floor. The Bluefin is about 21 inches wide and 16 feet long. It weighs 1,650 pounds and can dive to a depth of 14,700 feet. It uses nine battery packs that can last for over 24 hours and has a 4 gigabyte flash drive. The submarine will also enter the water on the 14th. Where the last four signals were taken together.
The U.S. Navy pinger locator was replaced in the southern Indian Ocean by the Bluefin 21 autonomous sub. The pinger created a three-dimensional sonar map of the area to chart any debris on the oceans floor. The Bluefin sub takes six times longer to cover the same area as the pinger locator. The two devices can not be used at the same time. The Bluefin sub was launched around 5:20 am. Officials believe the batteries in the missing jet’s black box recorders have probably died. Crews have been hoping to detect additional signals before sending down the sub. They hoped the signal would bring them to where the black box would be. It will be hard to find when the sea floor is as deep as 15,000 feet in the area they believe the plane is.
Officials are looking for any other type of machine that could possibly help them find the missing plane. They haven’t found a single piece of debris linked to the missing plane. Some officials believe that the visual search will end in two to three days. The submarine will take 24 hours to complete each mission. It takes two hours to dive to the sea floor, 16 hours to search the sea floor...

... middle of paper ... it from happening again. The airlines have a good chance of being sued by the missing passengers families. They will be paying the families a lot just because they don't want to pay the court. Money won’t fix that 239 people have died on the plane. It just makes the families have more money than they had before but it doesn't give any answers.
The United States Navy has been helping to find the plane. They have been entering the subs into the water. They also are using their technology to help other countries find out what happen. I think they are using the right technology just not getting the results the are looking for.

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