Boeing A Dreamliner Or Network Nightmare? Essay

Boeing A Dreamliner Or Network Nightmare? Essay

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Nicholas Shryock
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
The Dreamliner, one of the largest passenger jets in the world, is currently under examination and testing as the premier plane for the masses. With the decision to implement many of the advances in networking that people already on the ground already enjoy, Boeing is making every effort to make that happen for its passengers flying thousands of feet above ground as well. Network security has been a concern in aviation in recent years because of the notorious weaknesses inherent with all networks with external access points. Will the ultimate experience create an avenue for the ultimate disaster?
Keywords: Network, Dreamliner, Boeing
Network access on the ground has been an ever evolving fascination for everyone who has needed to feel more connected with their jobs, families, or finances over the last few decades. Now it becomes a question of who can make it happen in the air. Boeing with its Dreamliner and Airbus with its A380 have been duking it out in the battle to provide the most luxurious and accommodating passenger jet ever created. Let’s take a look at how secure the networks of these jumbo jumbos are.
The Dreamliner
"Yes, it 's not a desktop computer. Desktop computers don 't take tens of billions of dollars and 15 years to engineer." DailyTech (2008). This is the understatement of the decade. Looking at the Boeing 787 from a purely physics standpoint is quite an amazing perspective. Aerodynamics, weight, thrust, lift, and drag are all things that are considered in the initial design phase of an aircraft. Then comes the essentials that come along with modern aircraft such as ...

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...acking and tampering with network settings, I believe that the comforts that we enjoy on the ground are well on their way to becoming part of our lives no matter where we are. Boeing’s new flagship aircraft is an example of a company willing to push the boundaries a little to achieve what people ultimately desire most, none stop communication.

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