Body Parts And Failing Of The Veterans ' Data For Security Essay

Body Parts And Failing Of The Veterans ' Data For Security Essay

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body parts and failing to encrypt veterans’ data for security. (McCann, 2013). As we all can see the VA needs a lot of work in order to keep our Veteran’s and their information safe.
After the breach in 2006, beginning in May 2007, the VA’s, IT office put together a group called the Data Breach Core Team, (DBCT), which is consist of 30 members throughout the Department of Veteran Administrator. Their main job is to review all breaches that the VA has and assign them a category of low, medium or high. (Konkel, 2013). Then they can determine if any action is needed, and weather to give them free credit monitoring service alone with a voucher for a free credit report. While one part of the team is doing that the other part is put together a plan of action to take care of the breach and keep it from happening again.
A low risk breach is something like you printed off personal information on a shared office printer, and you took a while to go get it, and someone else found it and reported that it was just sitting on the printer. It was inside a federal protected building, and was only there for a short time and no info was compromised.
Medium risk breach is when you dispose of old records with personal data on them into the VA dumpster without shredding them, which could expose them to a wider audience, with a risk of their data being compromised if not caught in time.
High risk is when data is taken off the system and out of the building and is not encrypted, which can lead to someone possible stealing and selling the data to a third party. This could lead to your credit being stolen, credit cards being used by someone else and possible banking information being use to drain your bank account of all its money.
Finally in September ...

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...ure that all user use a two factor authentication and encryption process for all login sessions, and on the third tried, their login username will be lock out and disable and whatever device they are using will be blocked from the network. Record everything including dates, timestamps and implement firewall that minimize or block inbound attacks, and review these logs in detail daily and update the CIO if something looks out of the ordinary, if not give them a weekly update.
After all the changes and updates, in November 2014, the VA had another security breach, deal with a contractor vendor software security hole. This breach could have put about 7,000, VA records up for a security risk.
The vendor was supposed to provide home tele-health service to veteran’s and about 700,000 signed up for the service. With all the updates, the breach was reported immediately and

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