Essay on The Body Of Knowledge ( Bok ) For Medical Practice Management

Essay on The Body Of Knowledge ( Bok ) For Medical Practice Management

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The Body of Knowledge (BOK) for Medical Practice Management, a guide to practice management, serves as a repository of industry knowledge, an assessment of competency, essential for success, and a learning tool to help professionals design and maintain efficient and effective operations for the delivery of patient-centered care. The Certified Medical Practice Executive (CMPE) credential set the industry standard for over 57 years and the only board certification in medical practice management still today. ACMPE fellows regularly contribute to the BOK and ensure a modern assessment of the abilities, knowledge, and skills practice managers need for success.
The Body of Knowledge address operational issues of 1) restructuring staff responsibilities in a group practice, 2) creating or enhancing job descriptions, 3) designing effective referral letters, 4) educating hospital executives who were hired to manage large organization, 5) outlining the components of strategic and operating plans, 6) providing structure for due diligence analysis for proposed mergers, 7) identifying key competencies for staff training and development, 8) explaining manager’s roles and the contribution of administrative competencies to the success of clinical staff, and 9) promoting effective patient care via strong administrative process and infrastructure. The BOK includes Operations Management, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Organizational Governance, Patient-Centered Care, and Risk and Compliance Management.
Operations management in medical practice management requires an understanding of business operations and effective management of a medical practice. Operations Management 1) demonstrates knowledge of industry benchmarks, best p...

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... the highest-quality patient care. Also, helps improve members’ practices through exclusive member benefits, advocacy, education, information, news, networking opportunities, resources, and produces some credible and robust medical practice economic data and data solutions in the industry. MGMA improves the profession of medical practice management with its industry-leading board certification and Fellowship programs through the American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE).
MGMA dedicated to improving the profession and delivering skilled leaders through professional development. The Body of Knowledge explains an outline for the practice management profession and helps identify opportunities for learning and growth. MGMA offers resources, tools, and assessments to help achieve success in each of the Body of Knowledge areas and professional development.

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