The Body Is Driven My Social Stereotypes Essay

The Body Is Driven My Social Stereotypes Essay

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The human body is one of the most complex and yet beautiful things on the earth. We live in a time where our perception of the way we view the body is driven my social stereotypes. In todays world we are supposed to live by the standards of this unwritten code. All of this affects the quality of life we live in. It ranges from the workplace; our personal relationships to the way strangers perceive a person. At this very day in age we are categorized due to being born male or female and things that should be talked about are considered taboo to others.
Male and female, two separate genders that the world sees. One sex gets all the privileges and the other is suppressed. From birth we are thought that many things in life are geared towards genders only. It starts from the colors we are associated with as kids, blue for boys and pink for girls. This is one of the most common practices that we see to this day. And then it evolves into what each gender should and shouldn’t wear. What toys a boy is allowed to play with versus a girl. This in very much outlined in the article Pink Technology by Mary Kearney. In the article it states that for things to appeal to girls, it should be pink and bubbly where boys have these solid blue colors. The article even states that girls should be “cooking, cleaning, communicating, or beautifying themselves” is a normal thing that girls should follow, all while boys are doing manly things like fixing and building things. Society has painted a picture that essentialism must be followed, despite the previous rolls that women had in early history.
Native American women were the best-known leaders that had control of all things. They were in the position that men ideally have now. According to Indians.or...

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...ctive, I believe gender scripts need to me diminished. Growing up a male in an primarily female household allows me to understand what women feel and how they raised their children. The idea that we have to associate things with our sex is the most ridiculous thing. So if we can get rid of the whole blue for boys and pink for girls thing, that would be a start. Allowing a child to pick things of their liking without any pressure or backlash from parents. And in modern time, we have to be more conscious that women can do the same job as a man, reproductive systems shouldn’t be considered when it comes to anything. Removing stigmas surrounding “women in the kitchen” and men in the field. Women should not be subjected to any type of discrimination. I feel that the more we reinforce women that its ok to partake in a male dominated society the more that line can diminish.

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