Body Image Is The Mental Image Of One 's Own Body

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Body image is the mental image of one 's own body. Body image is very important because the majority of people think about their appearance and how they look all day long. Many people today have a very poor body image. The causes of poor body image include: body size, bullying, media, low self-esteem, depression, and even gender. Body image also has some very unhealthy effects on men and women. Body image in our world today is at an all-time low, but there are many ways to help improve it. The most important ways are to focus on the good and positive talents he or she has and to not compare his or her body to another individual’s body. It is extremely important to maintain a good body image. If a person has a decent image of their body, then they are less likely to experience depression and low self-esteem. A person has to accept himself or herself in order to feel comfortable about their body. If a person has a good body image and is happy with how their body looks, then that person will have a healthier outlook on life and practice healthier behaviors (“What Is Body Image?”). It is also important for people to keep a decent body image so that they do not feed themselves lies about their body. People will tell themselves that they are too fat or not muscular enough if they are dissatisfied with their body. There are so many causes of unhealthy beliefs about body image. Poor body image starts when someone thinks negative about his or her body (“What Is Body Image?”). Family and friends have a large part in how a person feels and thinks about their body. This is because family and friends make comments and statements about weight and health ("Body Image"). The family tends to impact more than friends. This is because the person... ... middle of paper ... or rounded body type, then there is nothing that person can do about their body type. All they can do is work out and eat healthy in order to try to look slimmer. Poor body image is a massive problem in this world today and it is very important for people to keep a good image about their body. There are so many different causes of an unhealthy viewpoint of body image. The main causes are the media and their unrealistic images, bullying, and their body size. There are also many effects that poor body image has on people. The main ones are overworking their body at the gym, taking steroids, and eating disorders. Even someone has poor body image, they can still improve how they think and feel about themselves. They must not compare him or her to another person, remind themselves of the amazing qualities that they have, and not look in the mirror so often.
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