Essay on Body Image Dissatisfaction: Society's Dangerous Influences

Essay on Body Image Dissatisfaction: Society's Dangerous Influences

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Body image is how someone perceives his or her body (“Body Image – Women”). There is a variation of problems that can result from body image dissatisfaction. Some of these are: low self-esteem, depression, self-harm and eating disorders. Most people want what they think is an ideal body. Sometimes the body they are striving for is unreachable but that may not stop them from trying. The average model is five eleven and weighs a hundred and seventeen pounds. This may be the body women want but the average woman is five four and a hundred and forty pounds (“ Body Image”). These averages are not close but an average woman still thinks she can have that body and would do anything for it. Wanting to be thinner and have that ideal body is seen as normal (Ossola, Alexandra). Even if someone desperately tries to get that ideal body and does not care about the dangerous outcomes, it is only normal. The increasing pressure on attractive physical appearance may be intensifying people’s inferiorities, which could have drastic effects on the overall health of society.
Body image dissatisfaction has not been contained in the U.S. and Europe. It has spread around the world. In different countries there may be different causes or different parts of the body that are emphasized. This spread of body image dissatisfaction could be a result of the spread of social media. Professor Mellor has stated after research that parents are the main influence on children in Chile while the media and peers influence children in western countries (Deakin Research Communications). This dissatisfaction mainly spreads to more developed countries because it deals with weight and food intake. Food is used for controlling feelings so starving countries would not hav...

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