Body Image and Sex Appeal in America Essays

Body Image and Sex Appeal in America Essays

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The average American struggles with body image and sex appeal. People spend thousands of dollars a year trying to enhance their attractiveness. Media advertisements strive to concentrate on those insecurities of this society to sell products. First, most people notice her green eyes. Next, people notice that the doll has a shapely figure and curly red hair. The ad of an 'abnormal' Barbie named Ruby shows the irony that most Barbie dolls are the exact idealized look. The red backdrop offsets her pale skin and emphasizes her curves. The font is bold and white to draw the eye saying, “There are 3 billion women who don't look like supermodels and only 8 who do” (Galanti). This ad points out the fact that the average women does not have this idealized look and that only a very small percentage actually do. Even though this advertisement is not effective for everyone because it does not appeal to men, this ad does use a good role model to make an impact on the audience and this advertisement is effective because it creates an emotional attachment.
This advertisement comes from “The Body Shop” which is a cosmetic store that originally started in Britain during the 1970s (Roddick). This store practices activism for the environment as well as for people. “The Body Shop” has many concerns ranging from Stop Violence in the Home to awareness of HIV and AIDS. This store also practices using natural materials and is concerned about body image. Their ad conveys the average women by showing an image of a doll that is more of an accurate version of the female figure. The slogan and logo of “The Body Shop” is in the lower left corner in white lettering. This ads also contains “The Body Shop's” slogan, “Know Your Mind Love Your Body” encouraging...

... middle of paper ... The advertisement points out the average women does not have this idealized look of a supermodel, most actually look like Ruby. The ad of Ruby shows the irony that most Barbie dolls are the exact idealized look which creates an emotional attachment from childhood for the female reader. Although the audience for this ad is obviously directed towards women, their ad conveys that this doll is more of an accurate version of the female figure. This ad is not for men that does not make the ad any less effective for the female audience and men can appreciate the ad for trying to tackle the large issue of body image.

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