Body Cameras Should Be Enforced For All Police Officers Essay

Body Cameras Should Be Enforced For All Police Officers Essay

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There are at least 6 to 8 complaints of every 100 officers made each year. At least 30 percent of the complaints are for excessive use of force and that doesn 't include all the undocumented complaints civilians make that are failed to be reported. In the past year, police officers have killed more than 776 people. This information has only recently been brought to light. For once the media is not exaggerating on the crimes police are committing; this is happening right here, right now in our own country. What can people do to stop these unlawful police officers from hurting innocent civilians? Having the officers wear body cameras can be a start. Even though there is not enough research to prove their effectiveness, body cameras should be enforced for all police officers in the United States because the studies that have been made show a dramatic decrease in use of force against citizens and complaints against officers.
While body cameras have been around for a long time, there is not enough research to prove their effectiveness with law enforcement. Only recently has there been an increased amount of police involvement with citizens all over the media because of the past years fatal police encounters with unarmed black men in New York City, Ferguson, Mo., Baltimore and other parts of the U.S. Most of it has been either feeding the war on cops theory or shedding light to the real injustices dealt by police officers. The reality of the issue is that there 's too many opinions and not enough facts to back up either notion of whether the body cameras work or not due to the fact of how recent the issue is. Time is a large factor in any study dealing with long term effects for what is being researched. There has only been a handful ...

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... which is why police cameras provide a win- win situation on both sides of the arguments. (Mother Rejects Payout, Refusing To Stay Silent In Lawsuit Against Cops Who Killed Her Son).
In the end, body cameras should be enforced on police officers because the research on the body cameras show a decrease in police complaints and use-of-force against citizens. To have a high level of trust and admiration for police officers is what any person should have, but are sadly unable to. There is too many crimes committed by police officers to ensure one-hundred percent the well being of any person that comes in contact with one. To battle the unlawful police officers, body cameras will help to serve as a guideline for proper behavior and conduct. The prices for these body cameras are high, but for the protection of citizens and police officers alike, the price is well worth it.

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