Body Cameras Are An Important Aspect Of Policing Today Essay

Body Cameras Are An Important Aspect Of Policing Today Essay

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Body Cameras are an important aspect of policing today, we need to implement them.
Body Cameras haven’t been around that long, but are making a big impact on policing. In the United Kingdom in 2005, they began testing a body camera for police officers. In 2010, over 40 areas in the United Kingdom were using body cameras. In the United States, on August 9th, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri, Michael Brown was shot by a police officer. On July 17th, 2014 in New York, Eric Garner died while in police custody. Since these incidents, police body cameras have been a national topic. Technology is taking the world by storm, everyday there is a new, and unique gadget. Cameras are everywhere in this world. You are being recorded every day, by a camera you don’t even know is there. Law enforcement needs to keep up with this change and not only have their car camera, but also a body camera.
Over the past few years, there has been an outcry from Americans on police brutality, excessive force, and supposed shootings on unarmed Americans. Every situation was different and had different facts and evidence that led up to what happened. With a lot of these incidents, the altercation was not in the viewing area of the car, and there was no video evidence to go off of. All they had might have been a blurry video from a cellphone that caught the end of the encounter and not the whole situation from start to finish. That’s why police worn body cameras are a must in Law Enforcement to have clear video evidence and see exactly what the officer is seeing during their encounter from start to finish.

Police worn body cameras have a lot of positive aspects. Such as having a clear picture of every situation. There are a few cameras that we should look at and ...

... middle of paper ...

...e 20 police officers which would take that to $17,900. The storage aspect is 3 cents a GB per month or you can save it to the hard drive of a computer. With saving it to the hard drive of a computer you will lose the chain of custody aspect from which the video is transferred. The Taser Axon 2 is $399 per unit and the docking stations come individually at $249 or a six pack for $1495. The storage fees are $1,100 a month for all of our officers. The upfront cost would be 14,063, including first months’ storage, and then storage every month would be $1,100. For the Pro-Vision body camera it would be $350 per unit and the docking stations come in a ten pack at $1000. We need 20 cameras and 20 docking stations, so our cost for that would be $9,000. The storage cost would be $45 a month per officer, so our upfront cost would be $9,900 with storage fees being $900 a month.

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