The Body by Stephen King

The Body by Stephen King

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For my book I chose to read The Body by Stephen King. This novel is about four young boys taking a journey to find a body somewhere in the woods that is at the county line. This story is about more than just four boys going on an adventure its about them becoming closer to each other and learning real life lessons along the way. The four boys are all going into their first year of middle school so this is a time in their life when they learn things that will help them in life.

In the first major scene the boys are all in a tree house where the character Vern tells the other three boys about the body. Vern is the outcast of the group who is the ridicule of their jokes, Teddy is a boy who was abused by his father and is a strange child, Chris is the tough guy of the group and the leader and Gordy who is the narrator and the story is seen from his point of view. The boys are all convinced that going to look for the body and possibly finding it would make them all heroes
and that everyone would want to know them. Thus the boys decide to go forth and try to find the body. The boys pack their belongings up and all tell their parents that they are sleeping over one of the others house and the next day they are going to the drag races. So they meet up downtown and get ready to embark on their journey. Gordy and Chris meet up together first and Chris shows the .45 pistol that he borrowed from his old man, who was probably too drunk to notice. But while holding Gordy asks if its loaded and Chris tells him it isnt. But when he pulls the trigger it fires. They take off from behind the building where they were. They go to meet the other two guys and set off on their journey.

They start off on the railroad tracks and begin their journey towards finding the lifeless body of a boy their age who met his fate from a moving train. A little ways into the trip they find they have forgotten to assign the task of bringing the food. They put together the money they have and plan to have one person go and buy the stuff.

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They flip coins and Gordy turns out to be the one chosen to go. He goes and returns with the food and they continue trekking on towards their goal. They stop for the night and set up camp. They cook and eat their food and sit around the fire bonding their friendships. Telling secrets to each other. Gordy tells the guys one of the stories that he has been working on writing about a fat kid getting revenge on everyone who has ever made fun of him. Later on in the night the take turns doing lookout duties. Its during this time that Chris and Gordy make a special bond to one another. Chris tells of how his families bad reputation has affected him. Gordy comforts him and encourages him to work hard to prove every one wrong and make something of himself. They continue on the next morning and find the body later in the morning. They find the body and a few minutes later and Verns brother and his friends all show up and want to know what they are doing there. They get into a dispute and the leader of the older kids is going to kill Chris cause they wont give up the body but Gordy pulls out the pistol and fires a shot off and threatens to kill anyone that makes another move towards them. They all agree and the older kids leave. But they don't tell anyone about the body cause they don't think is important to take the credit. Later on they make anonymous phone call. They all get beaten up by the older kids separately. The friendships between them drift apart. But the connection made while on the trip to find the body stays with them. Chris ends up following Gordys advice and goes to law school but is later killed in life when he tries to separate a fight at a fast food restaurant. Throughout the story each of the four boys deal with the conflict of person vs self. They all look deep into their lives and think what they are doing both in life and in going to find a kid their age that was hit by a train while picking blueberries. Later on in life Gordy looks back and thinks that friends he had when he was eleven were the best friends that he ever had and misses the old days. The body in the story represents the friendship they formed from the trip they made to see a dead body for the first time.
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