Bobos Is Short For Bourgeois Life And Extreme Political Movement Essay

Bobos Is Short For Bourgeois Life And Extreme Political Movement Essay

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Even though Bobos are more known as seeing as people who rebel their liberation in the daily lives and extreme political movement against the government. Bobos is short for Bourgeois Bohemians. Bobos are people who are born in upper-middle and capitalist class. Bobos are easily compared with the people who does not belong to upper-middle class. They have strong feelings about their class status that they were born into. They have more strong political movement, and they have cultural tastes that are very similar to their lifestyle.
Bourgeois Bohemians or Bobos as for short, is the lifestyle developed by the group of baby boomers who were born in the Capitalist or Upper-middle class status. Baby boomers are the children who were born in the years after World War Two ended in 1945. However the majority of people are born between 1946 and 1964. Baby Boomers are easily found in various social classes, from rich to working class. However to gain the title of Bobos, the person must born in Upper-middle or Capitalist classes. They emerged as a group as part of a society in 1990s, after they completed their college education, which they emerged into the workplace, which their lifestyle has brought a lot of traits that impact on the United States of America economy and the society’s perspective.
Upper-middle class Bobos is labeled as Educated Elite because of their lifestyle that they received among their higher education level as they finished college. They have established a hybrid of the culture in our society. We basis of our established moral codes to provide us a stability in our personal lives. They had established their own society level to limit the people who belong in the same circle of their class status. For example, a Jewi...

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...eading the book. I had studied about their lifestyle briefly in history class. I did not have enough knowledge how does the Bobos carry a big role of influencing in the today’s society. My parents were born in near end of Baby Boom generation. They did not grow up in upper-middle family, but they were lucky enough to attend to college which they received their education. Due to their college education, they were able to move up to upper-middle class status which my brother and I are fortunate enough to live a secure and comfortable life. After reading the book and analyzing the Bobos’ movement in the society, I have a better understand how huge Bobos had impacted to our generation today, especially with economy issues that we had to fix for them today. Because of my parents’ generation, I was easily able to apply my experience as growing up to the concept of Bobos.

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