The Boating Party By Mary Cassatt Essay

The Boating Party By Mary Cassatt Essay

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The painting The Boating Party by Mary Cassatt depicts a man rowing a woman and her child along the ocean. The man rowing the boat is sitting facing a beautiful green landscape; however we can only see his back and half of his face. The woman who is seated on the opposite side appears to be enjoying the ride as she is holding her child. This painting dates back to 1893 though 1894; its dimensions are 35 inches by 46 inches. In contrast the painting Happy Accidents of the swing is by Jean-Honore Fragonard, and this painting portrays a young woman seated on a swing that is located in an overgrown garden while being pushed by a man that seems to be hiding in the shadows. We can also see a young man in the lower left reclining in the bushes, one arm outstretched towards the young woman skirts, his other arm holding his balance as he admires her. This painting was created in 1767 and its dimensions are 31 inches by 25 inches. Both of these paintings were created of oil on canvas. Cassatt and Fragonard portray representational outdoor paintings. One is of a summer day where a mother and child are enjoying a boat ride. The other depicts a young woman enjoying her swing ride in a dull garden.
Fragonard and Cassatt express themselves through similar visual elements of design. For example they both use color, implied motion and implied lines throughout their paintings. The colors Fragonard uses include pastel colors such as pink. For example, the woman’s pretty puffy pink dress. This is a very light color and it is positioned in the center which makes the woman stand out from the rest of the scene. He also uses secondary hues such as green throughout most of the painting, for example on all the trees and bushes. In contrast Cassatt prese...

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...ed myself being there and asking her to move so that I can get a turn on the swing. As I further analyzed the painting I realized there was a completely different message. I realized that the man on the bottom left is hiding in the bushes so that the man in the back will not see him. This makes me think that maybe the women on the swing and the man hiding have a relationship they do not want man pushing the swing to find out about. The woman on the swing seems to be happy that the man is down there looking at her. It seems as if she even opens her legs so that the man can see the inside of the dress. As I further analyzed I came to the conclusion that the young woman is being provocative towards the man hiding in the bushed. In conclusion Cassatt and Fragonard used principles of design and visual elements to create beautiful, harmonious and detailed paintings.

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