Essay about The Board For Common Ground

Essay about The Board For Common Ground

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The board for Common Ground will meet January 9th at noon to discuss the implementation of the planned giving program. The organization has achieved their mission of compassionate outreach, building relationships, and acceptance of all people. This is being done through the ministries that they have for adults, teenagers, and children. The success of them meeting their mission will help make them successful in planned giving because they are credible. They have been community over 10 years, so they are established among the neighborhood they work in and those who have partnered with them.
The targeted audience would begin with the board and staff of Common Ground. They would be asked to consider making a bequest to the organization because they are already invested into the organization. These conversations would take place at the board meeting in January and then Lisa Cronin would present the planned giving opportunities to the staff within that same week. Abbey Rubel is the director of volunteer and community engagement. Abbey would be the point person for finding connections with possible donors. She would have until the end of February to have a list of possible donors that she could meet with. This could include those who are already monthly donors or volunteers. Abbey would then be required to meet with at least two possible donors a week, until she has contacted everyone on the list. Common Ground would then move to their next major connection, which is with the Grace Community Methodist Church. The church is already supporting the organization and they are the suppliers for the weekly meal.
Those are not on planned giving committee, which includes board members and staff, would be trained on how planned giving works. T...

... middle of paper ...

Along, with these questions answered there would be Abbey Rubel’s contact information, so she could answer any further questions one may have.
The utilization of the Common Ground Facebook page and Instagram would be an avenue in which Common Ground would continue to show how they are effectively working in the community They would then introduce the opportunity of planned giving. The slogan, “Continuing the Connection within Cedar Grove,” would be introduced on the media pages.
A mailer about planned giving would be sent out to those who are donors and volunteers. The mailer outlines the gratitude of the donors and volunteers ' contributions that have already been made. It then outlines how they can continue a legacy among the organization after death and how they can aid Common Ground in continuing meeting their mission. Below is an example of the mailer.

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