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The Bluest Eye Toni Morrison is an African American writer, who believes in fighting discrimation and segregation with a mental preparation. Tony focuses on many black Americans to the white American culture and concludes that blacks are exploited because racism regarding white skin color within the black community. The bluest eye is a story about a young black girl named Pecola, who grew up in Ohio. Pecola adores blonde haired blue eyes girls and boys. She thinks white skin meant beauty and freedom and that thought was not a subject at this time in history. This book is really about the impact on a child’s state of mind. Tony Morrison has divided her book into four seasons: autumn, winter, spring, and summer. The main characters in this book are three girls, Claudia and Frieds McTeer, and Pecola Breedlove. Why was Pecola considered a case? Pecola was a poor girl who had no place to go. The county placed her in the McTeer’shouse for a few days until they could decide what to do until the family was reunited. Pecola stayed at the McTeer’s house because she was being abuse at her house and Cholly had burned up his house. The first event that happens in the book was that her menstrual cycle had started. She didn’t know what to do; she thought she was bleeding to death. When the girls were in the bed, Pecola asked, “If it was true that she can have a baby now?” So now the only concern is if she is raped again she could possibly get pregnant. Pecola thought if she had blue eyes and was beautiful, that her parents would stop fighting and become a happy family.In nursery books, the ideal girl would have blonde hair and blue eyes. There is a lot of commercial ads have all showed the same ideal look just like the nursery book has. Pecola assumes she has this beautiful and becomes temporary happy, but not satisfied. Now, Pecola wants to be even more beautiful because she isn’t satisfied with what she has. The fact is that a standard of beautyis established, the community is pressured to play the game. Black people and the black culture is judged as being out of place and filthy. Beauty, in heart is having blond hair, blue eyes, and a perfect family. Beauty is then applied to everyone as a kind of level of class.

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In nursery books, it shows that pleasure can be only attained through good looks and that an ugly person can never really be glad. Geraldine is an example of the overwhelming effects of comforting the standard of beauty. Geraldine worked her whole life to achieve and uphold a standard of beauty. Women are always worried about their appearance or the looks of their home. Geraldine, her story is that her husband married her because of her hygiene and does not expect anything more. Their relationship is with no reaction. It has an effects on how their child Junior. Junior was not allow to cry, he was always brushed, bathed, oiled, and shod. Junior is taught that is superior then the other kids and associated withthem is beneath him. This isolates Junior from the other kids. Junior doesn’t have a relationship with his classmates, but only with his mother and he is unsuccessful in this process also. Geraldine feels that it is her sense of duty to have a spotless and honest child. Geraldine and Junior’s relationship deteriorates to a point, that Geraldine feels more love towards her cat, than she does her own son. Accomplishing a standard of beauty, Geraldine is washing herself of her culture and her identity, and becoming an anonymous member of society. In this process, Geraldine has destroyed her relationship with her family. Pecloa Breedlove is another example of the damage brought by trying to have a standard of beauty. Pecola feels that beauty will solve all of her problems. She wants to become beautiful so her parents would not fight anymore, her family will no longer be poor, and her father would not have to be a rapist anymore. One event that happens in the book was when Pecola goes to a candy storeand walk up to the clerk, the clerk does not even take a look at her. To the clerk, Pecola is not good enough and feels that she does not even deserve to be acknowledge even with a glance. This does not seem to bother the clerk, but Pecola pick up on and understands all of his actions and judgments. This event reinforces her attitude that beauty is the only way she could gain respect from people. Pecola is influence by Geraldine to become beautiful. Pecola is in Junior’s house and he kills the family cat. Pecola was kicked out by Geraldine because Junior’s mom thinks that Pecola had killed the cat and Pecola does not fit the image of beauty. Geraldine does not even bother to ask what had happen, she assumes Pecola did it. She told Pecola to get out, you nasty little bitch. Get out of my house. Pecola thinks that Geraldine called her “nasty” because of her appearance; dark skin. Calling an eleven year old girl a “bitch” is like a crime. A little girl really does not know what that word means, but she knows it is not nice. This is another reason why Pecola’s view that physical beauty is valued and treated well. The treatment that she receives from her father is like she was a toy that he can play with when he wants too. Cholly, Pecola’s father rapes her with no worry for her feelings; he is looking to fulfill his pleasures. Pecola thinks that Cholly does not love her because she is not pretty. This is when she becomes convinced that if she was beautiful people would respect her and all of her problems would be solve. Pecola would not be content even when she thinks that she has become beautiful. She becomes so obsessed with being the most beautiful person. Pecoal does not understand that beauty is not the answer her troubles, even if she achieves it. The treatment that Pecola experienced is trapped in a race to become more and more beautiful even though this does not really makes her happy in the future. Mrs. Breedlove, Pecola’s mother did not even notice to her. Pecola decided to visit hermom at work. Mrs. Breedlove is a nanny for a white girl. Pecola accidentally had knocked over a pie and her mother had gone off on her. She was like you crazy fool, look at my floor, look at the mess you made, get out. The little white girl was crying and her dress was mess up, so Mrs. Breedlove was calming her down, so she could stop crying. When Pecola had dropped the pie, she had burned her hands. Mrs. Breedlove does not care about Pecola hands; she was worried about the dirty floorshe has to clean up now. Pecola hears the little white girl with blonde hair and blue eyes cry. The most important thing is to feel like her mother loves and cares for her. Pecola thinks that her mother does not love her because she does not have those features like the little white girl. Pecola is treated the same way at school not by the white kids only, but by the black kids as well. She is always being made fun of and teased about her looks. She is always used as an insult to people. Which is horrible because Pocola must feel like she is the worse than everyone else. She is always talking about if her eyes were different her life would be too. She thinks her parents would treat her better, which is mess up because your parents are supposed to except you no matter what your appearance maybe. This book is significant because it shows a different side to Literature as well as life. While people are normally equal, there are still prejudices in the idea of what is beautiful and who is worthy. The case of Pecola is different in that it concerns of racial prejudice, however the thought of being beautiful would be better.
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