Blue Mountain State : The Rise Of Thadland Essay

Blue Mountain State : The Rise Of Thadland Essay

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Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland
Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland, is a movie that continued the Blue Mountain State television show. The general plot of the movie is as followed: The college has a new Dean, Dean Olivares. He wants to disband the football house because he is fed up with their behavior. He sees the house as “a house full of drunkards, prostitutes, and imbeciles…” He sets in motion a plan to auction off the house. To retaliate, Alex Moran and the rest of football team go to Thad Castle, a graduated football player that was drafted into the NFL with a $50-million-dollar contract, for him to bid on the house. Thad agrees to bid on the house on one condition, they have to throw the greatest party ever thrown and create Thadland (Spiro, 2016). This film manages to encompass how many people perceive college to be, though alcohol and drugs, gender roles, and sexuality and relationships.
Alcohol and drugs are perceived to be very prominent in the college environment, and the movie helps to aid the perception of prominence. The movie opens up with Alex Moran, the football quarter back, saying the following: “I play football for the greatest college in the world, Blue Mountain State University. We excel at three things here, science, social awareness and…. I’m kidding it 's a straight party school, no one goes to class here.” The Movie also has students doing line of cocaine on girls half dressed bodies. At the party students are also doing keg stands, drinking from the tabs, many shots, and shot gunning beers. The Thadland party also required 54 stands of marijuana and “United Nations of Cocaine.” Also in the movie, one of the football players, Harmon Tedesco, produces his own drugs within the house. He h...

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...HA-NCHA are unhealthy relationships. Mary Joe and Alex still like each other, but they keep hooking up with others in an attempt to get the other one jealous (Spiro, 2016). They have not talked about their feelings for each other, so it can be seen as an unhealthy relationship.
Blue Mountain State does represent the US College culture that is perceived, but it also does have some accuracy. The movie represents sexual orientation fairly well with have different sexual orientations represented. The college does exaggerate the amount of alcohol and drugs used on campus, but that is the perception that individuals have. The characters also do represent the stereotypes of genders and types of people. Overall, perceptions and actual numbers are not always the same, so its important not to get caught up in the way things seem to be and focus on what actually is happening.

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