Blue Button Initiative : Is It A Good Idea? Essay

Blue Button Initiative : Is It A Good Idea? Essay

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Blue Button Initiative – Is it a good idea?
By: MaryKate Janita
Coordination of care has become a key element in the healthcare industry. This is a type of care that includes all patient activates between two or more participants that in some way provide health services to a particular individual. Technology systems such as electronic health records and health information exchanges have been developed in order to provide better communication amongst different providers in order to provide this kind of care toward patients. These systems allow for accurate and timely sharing of information that results in more organized care. One of the most recent developments to further the continuation of coordinated between patients and providers is the Blue Button Initiative. The Blue Button Initiative was developed through similar ideas as EHRs and HIEs, however, it gives patients access to their health records electronically through an online application, allowing them to organize and improve their health.
To begin with, Blue Button is an online application that gives access to patients who want to download their health information, either through text or PDF. It got its name from the blue logo one would click in order to receive their information. According to Mohsen, author of The Blue Button Project: Engaging patients in healthcare by a click of a button, "the objective of Blue Button is to empower and engage consumers and patients by allowing easy access to electronic health information and medical records to better manage and improve healthcare."4 Patients are able to easily view or print their medical records, as well as customize information by date and data to make specific reports. They are then able to take these reports with ...

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...ould ultimately create disagreements and distrust between medical health professionals and patients.
In conclusion, the Blue Button Initiative is an application accessible online that gives individuals access to their medical records. Due to this being a new form of technology, researchers lack a significant amount of evidence supporting if Blue button is beneficial or not. It is believed that it will lower costs in the medical field because patients engagement in their own health, as well as the decrease in loss of significant information. These will also have positive effects on patient satisfaction and safety. Despite the risks that come with patient privacy and protection, many organization such as the AHIMA and the VA, have taken the Blue button pledge, giving millions of Americans access to their personal health records, which many believe to be their right.

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