Bloody Sunday: What Really Happened? Essay

Bloody Sunday: What Really Happened? Essay

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On the 30th of January 197213 Catholics were killed by British
Paratroopers on the streets of Londonderry. It was the result of an
illegal but originally peaceful march led by the NICRA the civil
rights movement. The march attracted 15000 people all for a similar
cause, to ban Internment. The day became known as Bloody Sunday
because of the terrible events that took place. Although the details
of what actually happened remain undecided, because of the
controversial views of the people that took part in the march.

Internment was a law enforced by the government of N Ireland to try
and keep the Nationalist population under control. It allowed the
Government to put people in prison who were suspected of being
terrorists without trial. Consequently only Catholic's were arrested.

Bloody Sunday happened because of many years of conflict between
Nationalist and Unionist communities. In Northern Ireland nationalists
are almost all Catholics and want a united Ireland with no connections
with Britain. Unionists are almost all Protestant and want to stay
part of the United Kingdom, afraid that if they join the Republic of
Ireland the Catholic Church would take over and their economy would
break down. The street history and segregation between the communities
created a further tension between the two sides. When British Troops
came into N. Ireland in 1969 to bring peace between Nationalists and
Unionists, peace was restored for a few months, but gradually the
British troops went from being the peace makers to the peace

The British army soon clashed with both Nationalists and Loyalists.
The British government handed the control of their army to the Irish
government. This meant that the army was run j...

... middle of paper ... to what happened on Bloody
Sunday, who fired the first shot, and whether the paratroopers were
just retaliating. Both sides had reasons to hate the other and it
would have been understandable if either of the sides shot first, when
in operation in Ireland the army must have been constantly attacked
making the army want to get their own back, but it was their job and
this was something they should not have done. The Catholics saw the
army as a force that oppressed them and they wanted freedom from that,
feeling bitter about those years they also had plenty of reason to
shoot. After so many years of conflict in Northern Ireland both sides
can not listen to the other, they are so adamant that their own
beliefs are correct. The Saville inquiries' conclusions will probably
never be acceptable to either the army or the original marchers and
their relatives.

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