Bloody Sunday and Historical Interpretation from Two Sources Essay

Bloody Sunday and Historical Interpretation from Two Sources Essay

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'Bloody Sunday', as it became known, has produced many different
interpretations of events. Since January 1972 people have recorded
diverse versions of events depending on where they were or which
faction of society they belonged to.

The sources used for the purpose of this essay are all from the media.
The first two are from news paper reports written 27 years after the
event following new revelations made during the partial disclosure of
evidence submitted to the inquiry lead by Lord Saville, commissioned
by Tony Blair. Source (c) is taken from an ITN news report relating to
the same inquiry some 14 months later (than the other sources) in
November 2000.

Source (a) is an extract from the 'Daily Mail', written by the deputy
Political Editor. This newspaper is by tradition a conservative
newspaper, so it portrays some more right wing ideas in its stories,
and it has been known to support controversial issues like capital
punishment. The paper is aimed the more middle class people. In this
Northern Ireland case 'The Daily Mail' is Pro-Ulster, so this means
that although being a news paper it should be neutral, that it does
support the Protestants. The IRA is viewed as a terrorist
organisation, and is not seen them as a freedom fighting organisation.
The Saville Inquiry was commissioned by a Labour government who were
initiating peace talks with the radical Irish group Sinn Fein, the
daily mail would therefore analyse these events from a conservative
view point. There are some things that make the source a bit unfair,
the news papers have their own interpretations of the events, but in
their interviews they have another interpretation of the events that
happened. So it is two d...

... middle of paper ...

.... Things
that are said like that might not always add up to make sense with an
event that happens shortly after it is said.

This source is another example of an interpretation of the events of
bloody Sunday, but again this is just one of the many interpretations.

In conclusion there was a lot of people at the event who have
experienced different things, these have then been passed on to other
people and may be been changed. From this there is not any way that
the correct truth will come out. There are only three sources of so
many, the sources I have, were not at the time of Bloody Sunday, and
they were all almost 30 years after. Different stories come out for
different reasons, for example the paras would say that they were
fired upon so they returned fire, and other people will say that the
army had planned to do this all the time.

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