The Bloody Chainsaw Essay

The Bloody Chainsaw Essay

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‘No stop! Please don’t do it I beg of you please!’ the chainsaw roared into gear and then ‘RRRRRRRRR!’ There was blood everywhere. He chucked her head into the stash and threw her outside into the river. He laughed in amusement after hearing what the bird said:

“I told you so, I told you so
But you refused and said no
Now look what trouble you’re in
‘RRRRRRRRR!’ and of you went into his dustbin.”

There once lived a couple who lived happily together. They used to cherish all their happiness and sorrows together and never argued at each other. They loved each other with all their hearts. But one day, this all ended and man went crazy. His wife was murdered in front of him with a chainsaw. They cut her head off using the chainsaw and they ran off with the head in their hands. He tried everything that he could do to save her but it was no hope. She died and the poor man was devastated and heart broken. He was started into pieces. The man kept her body locked up inside a safe to preserve her. The man couldn’t stop thinking about his wife dying and he couldn’t control the fury that was b...

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