Blood Sugar Levels

Blood Sugar Levels

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Glucose – sugar in the blood, Dextrose – sugar produced from corn, Fructose – sugar produced from fruit, Sucrose – table sugar which is 50% glucose and 50% fructose, HFCS – High Fructose Corn Syrup – produced by corn syrup.
I have learned in past years attending leadership conferences about the Hippocampus: a part on the Brain that seems to be important is establishing new memories, from strong emotions. In order for a memory to move through the hippocampus and into our long term memory two things need to transpire. 1. Emotion or Passion 2. Purpose, we respond to our present situation from our past experiences or pain. (Sounds like a another report)
I did not know about the types of transporters of Glucose, (more on that in another report). Or about the statistics on the number of people in 2010 that were or were not diagnosed with Glucose levels that make them Diabetics.
About the hormone called Leptin a helical peptide hormone produced by the adipose tissue.
Leptin acts of cells in the hypothalamus in response to increases in body fat storage to suppress appetite and increase energy expenditure, it also contributes to the onset of puberty and to the secretion of insulin by the pancreas,
A German chemist named Andreas Sigismund Marggraf; he was born March 3, 1709 in Berlin Germany and died August 7, 1782 in Berlin, Germany. He is known first of all for his discovery of sugar in beets and developing the process it remove it. He is also known for a few other contributions to science.
Glucose is a source of energy for cells that make up muscle and other tissue. It starts with food, but is also comes from the liver. The liver is a store room for glucose, which when your levels become low, the liver goes to work and sends out glucose to maintain the correct level in the blood, and brain function.
a. Glucose – is the sugar in the blood
b. Dextrose – sugar produced by corn
c. Fructose – sugar produced by fruit
d. Sucrose – is table sugar which is 50% glucose and 50% fructose
e. HFCS –High Fructose Corn Syrup - produced by corn syrup
The problem with this particular one is that it’s seems to be in almost everything, I find it interesting, that from the time we started using it, the increase in obesity and diabetes has increased.

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OTHER TYPES OR NAMES FOR GLUCOSE (sugar Brown Sugar – a soft sugar in which crystals are in coated by a film of refined dark syrup
Carbohydrate – a nutrient made up of sugars and starches
Corn Syrup – a syrup containing several types of sugars that is a result of the partial breakdown of cornstarch
Dextrin – formed by the partial breakdown of starch
Dextrose – just another name for sugar
Fructose – simple sugar found in fruit, juices and honey
Galactose – simple sugar found in lactose (milk)
Honey – a sweet substance made from the honey bee
Invert Sugar – a combination of sugars found in fruit
Lactose – sugar in milk
Levulose – fruit sugar
Maltose – a crystalline sugar from the breakdown of starch
Mannitol – sugar from alcohol
Maple Sugar – syrup made from the processing of sap
Molasses – a thick syrup separated from raw sugar in its processing
Sorbitol – a sugar alcohol
Sorghum – a syrup from the juice of sorghum, grown for its juices
Starch – a powdery complex chain of sugars; cornstarch
Sucrose – table sugar
Sugar – a carbohydrate, including the monosaccharide’s: fructose, Galactose, and glucose – and the disaccharides: sucrose, maltose, and lactose
Xylitol – a sugar alcohol
Xylose – a wood sugar found in corn cobs, straw, bran woodgum, and the bran of seeds, cherries, pears, peaches, and plums
Sugar Substitutes
Aspartame – known as NutraSweet or Equal
Saccharine – known as Sweet’N Low or Sugar Twin
Acesulfame–K - known as Sweet One
Sucralose – Known as Splenda (contains maltodextrin and dextrose)
Xylitol – sugar alcohol
Maltitol – sugar alcohol
Sorbitol – sugar alcohol
Stevia – natural herb that is several times sweeter than sugar
5. Normal / Abnormally Fasting Blood Sugar Levels, taken before a meal.
a. This number is taken just before breakfast and should be between 70 and 100 mg/dl.
b. Abnormally Low Blood Sugar Levels under 70 mg/dl are called hypoglycemic.
c. Dangerously low levels are those down to the 50 mg/dl, level requires a visit to the Emergency Room. These low levels show as unconsciousness and brain damage will occur.
6. Statistic that translate to Diabetes
In the 2011 National Disease Statistics for the year 2010, it showed the Unites States Population as 308,745,538. Diagnosed and Undiagnosed Diabetes
Group Number or percentage, which have diabetes
Ages 20+ 25.6 million or 11.3%
Ages 65+ 10.9 Million or 26.9 %
Men 13.0 million or 11.8 %
Women 12.6 million or 10.8 %
Non-Hispanic whites 15.7 million or 10.2 %
Non-Hispanic blacks 4.9 million or 18.7 %
In 2012 American ingested 756 grams of sugar every five days, that is about 130 pounds of sugar a year. No wonder we spend so much money on medical costs for the cause of too much sugar consumed by the populous of this country. The cost of ignorance or just plain laziness is so far out there it is astounding.
What is the cost of treatment for this disease? These figures for 2012, How about a whopping $245 billion dollars, yes that’s correct billion dollars, out of that $176 billion for direct medical costs, then another $69 billion in reduced productivity? The average medical cost 13,700 a year, that is approximately 2.3 times higher than for those who in the absence of diabetes category. Just think of the things that money could be doing with money.
7. In Closing
I think this just re enforces my position on whole foods, stay far far away from anything processed, and fast foods. Check labels, do fresh and if necessary frozen fruits and vegetables, nothing canned or processed.
Stay away from anything made with, or labeled with or from, syrup, corn, tol, ose. Some of this breakdown in high heat and produce chemical reaction and that is a scary thing. Honey for my tea is my sweetener and brown sugar on my morning oatmeal if just fine, tasty and sweet.
Sugar from sugar beets is fine for me, like salt use it wisely. Because of the complications if we ignore the obvious is it really a life with quality. Oh and then there is the get up of your behind and move it!
Living with someone that has diabetes, congestive heart failure and renal failure is no walk in the park with a picnic basket. It’s a very long hard road with lots of bumps and turns in it. Chronic Kidney Disease, Kidney Dialysis, foot sore issues, amputations. Just to name a few. Some people just don’t get it and probably never will.
Our self created lifestyle is killing us. The Medical community is just as guilty a culpable as we are. Us by keeping our heads in the sand, and the medical community for Rx after Rx and no really frank talk with their patients. Because the fallout from this is scandalous and shocking, because too many people are making fortunes off this “industry”, drug companies being the worst. How about what is best for the patients and not their pocket. A lot information is not supported by these special interest groups, because it will affect their bottom line$.
The patients bottom line is this get yourself educated, get in control, take charge and just do it. It’s you life learn how to make good choices based on all of the information and replace bad memories and emotion with new, correct emotion and memories and those new good thoughts.
Now back to Leptin, it’s job is to tell the brain I am full, that you have taken in enough calories for minimal nourishment, and to trigger the release of the bodies stored fat so that it can be burned for energy. But Lipton can get overpowered easily when overeating occurs, which leads to the development that the brain does not hear the message that I am full, in turn just brings on more belly fat. This factor is the main reason why peoples can’t seem to lose the weight no matter what they do. So the pancreas increases more insulin.
It make a perpetual cycle that does not end until we purposely deicide to get off the merry go round and find the right help to overcome this problem and live.
Remember the 2010 figures from above $245 billion dollars, What could be impacted by this figure if the issues of glucose induced diseases count be eradicated? How different this world would be, education id good and some much good could come out of it. It’s time to get back to the core of this issue it’s all about the patient, and guess what at times we are the patient, sometime we can be the educator.

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