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Blood Pressure And Heart Rate Essay

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My blood pressure and heart rate were both consistently higher than the overall class average during the posture portion of the experiment. For instance, my heart rate in the prone position was about 10 beats faster than the class average. It could have been due to an error within the blood pressure cuff. It could also be due to the amount of stress I was undergoing on

that day. However, the blood pressure cuff that I used presented higher heart rate readings then the readings I counted on my own from my radial pulse per minute. Even though the heart rate readings I found were higher than the heart rate I counted on my own, I still reported the data from using the cuff. I do however believe that the readings were inaccurate because I have never before had such high heart rate readings. It was also found that my heart rate and blood pressure were higher than the overall class average during the exercise portion. For instance, my blood pressure was 6 mm Hg higher than the class average after 4 minutes of recovery. This could be due to the fact that not everyone has the same definition of what “moderate” and “heavy” exercise exactly entail. To a large number of people moderate exercise could mean reaching the point of sweating. This factor could overall contribute to the variation in blood pressure and heart rate for the exercise portion of the experiment.
The results from Table 5 and Figure 5 show that as the reported physical condition of the individual increased, the individual’s heart rate decreased. This data displays a negative relationship between physical condition and heart rate. For instance, the poor physical condition category had an average heart rate 82.5190 beats per minute; the good physical condition had an aver...

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...though, researchers have discovered that the prevention of hypertension is crucial for decreasing a person’s risk for premature death (Brown, Riddell, et al. 2013). In addition to the risks of high blood pressure, an individual with an elevated resting heart rate can also be an indicator of an illness. For example, higher resting heart rates are associated to a great risk of cardiovascular disease, potentially leading to death (Saxena, Minton, Lee, et al., 2013). An individual in very good condition has a lower resting heart rate because the walls of their heart thicken over time, which allows the person to increase their stroke volume by being able to pump more blood per ventricle per beat. In conclusion, the hypotheses stating that physical conduction heavily influences a person’s blood pressure and heart rate, which in result can affect a person’s overall health.

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